Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, May 5, 2016

May Musings....

I've been wanting to sit and blog for a few weeks now but you know how sometimes there are so many different things going on in different directions that your mind is barely able to focus and so you decide it's just better to save any energy you have for prayer and inward reflection of things? Reminding yourself to Stand Firm.

Not to long ago we noticed that Morgan had a wrist injury from dance that happened over a year ago and it kept rearing it's head like it wasn't healing all the way. Then she was having lots of back pain that was keeping her up at night and other things that were seemingly affecting her hormones. We see an integrated medicine doctor in Loma Linda who suggested she needed blood work done and so we got that done and were shocked when the results came back that Morgans body was not absorbing vitamins and she was dangerously low on many key nutrients, tested positive for thyroid issues and also tested about as hi as you can in your blood counts for Lupus. She is being tested next week for juvenal rheumatoid arthritis.  Stand firm.

A few days after we got Morgn's blood work back we were told by our veterinarian that our beloved great dane appears to have bone cancer in her leg. Stand firm.

Then immediately following that news Dan was in for a physical (stress test) at work and was told there was possible something wrong with his heart and he needed to see a cardiologist for further testing. Stand firm. For a week we prayed, asked others to cover us in prayer and asked God for healing if there was something wrong. We went to the cardiologist this week and praise God after a full set of tests and work up he got a 100% clean bill of health. The doctor said better than great actually. The original doctors made mistakes in their tests. Stand firm.

I say all this because just like everyone else, I am guilty of sweating the small stuff. Wondering to myself why in the world I am the only person in our house who has the gift/super power to determine if the dishwasher is clean or dirty. Then letting bitterness seep in because I have "to do everything." Or letting things that are just drama bug me and then wondering why I'm in a grumpy mood..ugh! But when extraordinary difficulties come my way and let's be honest they will; I am reminded ever so gently that my ministry at this time in my life is serving my husband and kids and having dishwashing super powers is a gift. I can't control other peoples behavior or response to things around me but I can have joy and be loving.

I recently read where Charles Spurgeon said,"The Master's word to me is, Stand Firm." And the best thing I can do at these times is to listen only to my master's word, for others will come to me with their suggestion and evil advice. Despair will come, whispering,"Give up-lie down and die." But even in the worst of times, God would have me be cheerful and courageous, rejoicing in His love and faithfulness.

Cheerful AND courageous! I LOVE that! When I'm worried about my kids well being, Gods got it in his hands. When I'm sad or discouraged about something in particular, Gods got in his hands. When I'm supporting my husband as he's struggling, Gods got it in his hands. When people or situations around me seem to be just begging to make it bigger than it is; Gods got in his hands. When people I care about are sick or struggling, Gods got it in his hands. Stand firm.
Blessings this week.


krista said...

Such WISE words. Thank you for sharing your heart. I will be praying for all of this- thanks for sharing your wisdom...keep standing FIRM friend! He is GOOD!

Jessica said...

Love you and your family. Those are wise words to have echoing in your mind. I am praying for Morgan and her health. Also praying for your family with your dog's health.

John Heflin said...

Your faith is strong. I am praying for Morgan. Keep the faith.
Love you all,
Uncle Jack