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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wrapping up Another Year...

May has been full...yes that's the word I will use to describe our month, full! We were able to finally all get together and have a small memorial for Dan's dad and spread his ashes. Afterwards we got to spend a little time with the cousins which was nice. They are all so big and so sweet...growing so fast!
We have wrapped up another year of school and it literally flew by. Like swoosh! Gone! We completed our first year of middle school and high school...swoosh gone!! 
Ryanne has loved middle school youth group and all the activities they do together. She went to her first baseball game last weekend and really enjoyed it. She's so independent and just wants to go! Go! Go!
Being on the go comes at a cost though ha! She was jumping the walls between our house and the neighbors the other night and because it was dark she made it half way over but did NOT stick the land....she's so me!! I still am alway banged up and getting into trouble. ;)
I came home the other day and Ryanne said,"Look mom I made you "happy end of the school year cookies!" So sweet. She had pulled a sugar cookie recipe out and changed it to gluten and dairy free and they were so good. 
Morgan survived her first year of high school classes and did great! She is gearing up for a busy summer of beach camp, mission trips, and working part time. 
She also just completed another year of dance and had her show this past weekend. She's the one in the back holding the girls leg up. The girls all did a great job and the show was a lot of fun.
I'm a terrible mom and only took a couple of pictured after the show. Here she is with my mom. Also, the lighting in the theater makes it terribly hard to take pictures.  I need to learn to take pictures of her before the show because afterwards she just wants to be left alone because she is exhausted.
This is going to totally come off as random but  we love it and thought we would pass on the knowledge. This doorbell is $189 at Costco and it wires right to your existing doorbell or can be attached to your wall and has a portable door bell that plugs into your inside outlet if you don't have a doorbell. This cool thing sends a message to your smart phone and lets you know someone is ringing your bell or walking around near your door. It also starts video taping and records the person. When someone comes to your door and either triggers the camera by ringing or motion it lets you see the person and talk to them through your phone. This is great for me as I don't answer my door to strangers for any reason and it's also cool if you are not home and someone is at your door because you can talk to them and they will never know you are not home. It really is a nice security system and for a reasonable price. The message also gets sent to multiple phones if you want it to so it sends it to mine and my husbands so he can can answer them and they think he is home even if he's not so that makes me feel better.
I pray you have an amazing May. We are looking forward to lots of bare feet and warm days this summer with lots of adventures. 

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