Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Road Trip!

We just got back from a road trip! Loaded up the Mountain bikes and headed up to Boise Idaho. We drove about 10 hours to Salt Lake City and stayed the night and so far we were all still getting along after being in the car all day.
We walked around, ate some great food and then off to bed to finish off the drive to Boise...
The hotel in Salt Lake City had a HUGE Scrabble fun!

Boise has a zoo downtown by the river and for $3 you could hand feed the be that close and hand feed them? BUCKET LIST!!

Me and my sweet at the zoo...
We rented a house in downtown Boise so that we could ride to our favorite coffee shop and  places to eat. We were also just a couple of blocks from the River trail and all the single track mountain bike trails that we rode every morning. But the best part were the nightly wrestling matches that took place...mind you in the summer time it is light up there until about 10:30pm so Dan was getting them wound up as I'm "trying" to unwind and fall asleep ha! 
We stopped in Twin Falls to take a walk around and take in the beauty of Idaho. 
We really love it up there because you can be out your door and in minutes kayaking up the river or racing down an amazing mountain bike trail. Lots of outdoor space.
This really is a fun city. A great college town with super nice people and really ridiculously clean for being a big city. 
By day 5 we had worn the girls out so me and Dan headed out on a long trek exploring a new trail on our own. Let's just say it may have been a little advanced as far as the downhill part but I decided to error on the side of caution, carry my bike part way down and NOT break a leg this summer! You're welcome family. Okay I realize I'm bias here but my husband looks really cute...
We took a couple hours and toured the Old Idaho Penitentiary. Dan said we all belonged here in the women's ward..ya' we look tough. 

We left these two shady ones there.....
So it's hard for you to see but this is a flooded cup holder and the reason it is flooded with ice tea is because my husband thought it was funny to keep messing with my straw. Eventually he punctured the bottom of my cup and we didn't realize it until I picked it up to take a drink and it flooded my lap and his cell phone in the cup holder. Sigh.....boys!
We need to name our riding club....
Sadly after 9 days it was time to head back to the reality of work etc. But I discovered something on this trip and I'm gonna let you in on my little secret. Come in close....ready? I am NOT 19 anymore! I know right! My mind is in denial but my body? Nope it's like you are 42! Do you hear me? 42!!!! On the way through Las Vegas Morgan asked if we could stop and ride this one rollercoaster and I was like,"Pfff. ya! I am the queen of rollercoasters. I love them. I look them in the face and they shudder with fear. I would never turn down a chance for fun so what are we waiting for?"

 Dan and Ryanne decided it wasn't for them and stayed on the ground to take pictures. As we neared the front of the line I see this sign that reads"Caution: 292 foot drop at 90 miles an hour" high is that exactly? Like high or just eh' high? So after being DOUBLE strapped in I pretty much figured it was HIGH and FAST. Let's just put it this way; I thought my body was falling apart, like my clothes were being ripped off. My skin was pulling off of my face and I couldn't even scream. I saw my life flash before my eyes and it was not pretty ha! I can almost guarantee the guy in front of me got sick of hearing me plead to Jesus for my life. If he wasn't saved before the ride he is now! My mom asked me if I would do it again and I said,"Well if everyone else was because I wouldn't want to miss out on the fun." I have problems. Many, many problems. I'm not right in the head. Although I did get a free face lift from the drop so Yay to that! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Be blessed friends! 


Jessica said...

Looks like so much fun! Love all the fun trips you guys take! You guys should go to Montana next, it's so beautiful :)

I can't do roller coasters anymore because they make me vomit.. So sad :(

John Heflin said...

292 foot drop at 90 miles an hour !!
You out of your mind girl ?? Ha-ha
Sure looks like it was a great trip.
In July we are going to Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.
It's where Sharon and I both took our Senior Class Trips.
Just got back from a three day golf trip with son Joe and 6 other guys to Old Waverly Golf course in Mississippi ( they call it Augusta South because the club house looks like the one at the Masters )
We also took a 11 day trip to visit friends and family in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago.
Give the girls a hug for me.