Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Prayer for Team...

I remember before we had kids someone saying to me,"You will never pray in your life like you pray after you have kids walking around on this planet." I could not fully comprehend that statement until after we had kids of course but even more so when they got older and started spreading their wings; learning to drive, leaving for week long camps, traveling far from home for missions trips etc.
Morgan left this morning for her missions trip and my heart seriously went with her. It's funny how when they are little you have some resemblance of control but it becomes abundantly clear that if you don't have faith in God knowing our exact days then you will very quickly. If you don't pray like your life depends on it, you soon will. If you have never seen half your heart walk out the door at 4am with backpack flung over their shoulder, a skip in their step and young hope alive and well in their hearts.....if you have kids you soon will. You quickly realize that this is what you are raising them to do, go into the world and make disciples of men. But it's such a BIG world and she's still like 3 right? Please be praying for Morgan and her team.  Here are a few specifics we are praying for: Health (a few of the kids including Morgan woke up fighting sickness)
Safety in their travels
That God would place people in their paths that need to know they are loved and valuable and children of God.
Protection in their building projects (I said,"Do you have to be on the roof Morgan? Really?")
For the group to be patient and have mercy for one another as they will be exhausted and hot and missing their own routines.
And specifically for Morgan we are praying that God confirms some things in her heart about missions and music so that she will have a direction and peace in her heart about where God wants her after graduation. She has been talking about serving in the mission field since she was 5. And she has a heart for all things music and serving in that capacity as well.

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Jessica said...

Ahhh. Praying for your sweet girl.