Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Productive September

Ok so I was thinking today about how October is peeking it's head around the corner very quickly and I must say I think I am ready. I mean I had a VERY productive month this past month. We started school, Morgan started the swim team along with continuing guitar, Dan started his racing, and is started to get that itch that says,"get moving, do something fun and creative." So after three years of living in our home I finally decided on a color scheme for our bathroom. Browns and Blue's. Here is a before picture which is not very good but you get the idea; white and boring. I like color, no let me say that again, I LOVE color!!
Here is a picture of the final product. I love candles and decided it was time to make this more "my space"
This amazing part about this shot is that there are no Barbies filling the whirlpool tub. Infact I banned Barbie and her little friend Ken from ever vacationing here again. It was always full of Barbie, hot wheels, monkeys in a barrel, you name it and it lived in my tub! Wait a second what's this? My bathroom almost looks like a romantic spot for me and Dan to hang out. I mean look at all those candles and smelly good things!! Heaven!!
My friend Jessica had her baby shower this morning and this is what I made for her. I bought all vintage looking material and made her baby boy Ethan (due here in Nov.) a quilt. I almost didn't get it done in time as I was bouncing all over the planet this month, painting my bathroom etc. and when I was done you could really tell I had not been sewing much all summer. I made lots of mistakes but it was made with love.
Here it is all wrapped up and ready to go! Hope you like it Jess. I am so excited for you and Matt and know you will be blessed by your son.


Jessica said...

I LOVED my blanket! I thought it looked perfect... I can't sew at all, so I would never be able to find mistakes, haha. I'm just amazed at your craftiness and creativeness :) I'm just amazed that you somehow found time to make that since you've been so busy! Your bathroom looks really cute, I love the curtains :)

Rhonda said...

Good job on both the quilt and the bathroom. Its amazing what a can of paint will do to a white room, isn't it? Not to mention candles and some new towels. VERY NICE! And you can't tell there are any problems with the quilt by the pictures. They are probably only things you would notice. It looks really good.

Faithy said...

Hey, give yourself a break! The quilt looks amazing and you finished a big painting project! The bathroom looks great! Our house has been half painted for almost an entire year!! One of these days the painter will return I think :)