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Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Results Are In

Sorry it took me sooo long, trust me when I tell you I was dying to post about the meet; but we left directly from there to Long Beach for the triathalon Dan was in on Sunday morning. I am just now sitting after two days of watching my sweeties compete. We woke up to find it freezing cold and raining on Saturday and also discovered that when on the swim team you swim.........rain, shine, snow whatever! Here is a picture with Morgan and her mentor Christina (a high school swimmer assigned to guide her through her first meet.) Her heat is coming up so shes getting some pointers.
Morgan is in the water and ready for her first swim of the day, I felt like I was going to throw up at this point. I was scared to death. She was really quiet all morning so I know she was nervous too!
And she's off!! She came in 2nd in both of her swims, although she did get DQ in her first for failing to touch the wall. She did the backstroke and freestyle. One of the timers was so excited for us when she did the swim in 30 seconds he told Dan he had to take a picture of his stop watch! I was screaming my head off!
Ok, just so you know what to compare it to the little girl she was competing against had the best time of 31 seconds that she was trying to beat. When Morgan got timed in practice on Thursday she did a 55 second swim so this 30 second time was huge!!
Here she is treading water and getting instructions from Coach Austin.
It was a very exciting day! I am much calmer now that it is over. Morgan loved all the intensity of the races and is looking to her next away meet in October. She was so composed and I kept telling Dan how I didn't know if I wanted to burst with pride for her or cry because she is only 6 and just taking the flying fish she is; a little of both I guess.


5KidMom said...

Wow!!!! Go Morgan! I remember swimming with you in Cheryl Angelo's pool when you were just over 2 years old. You were like a little fish then, and some things just don't change. Look at you go!! You did such a great job at your swim meet this weekend. It was your best time, and you swam like a pro. I am SOOOOOO proud of you! Keep it up sweet girl.


christy p said...

YEAH MORGAN!!! That is so exciting. Great pics too!!!

DonnaG said...

That is great. She looks so confident. And I love the timer picture. What a great idea. I wish I knew you were in LB. I live right there!

Jessica said...

Way to go Morgan! She's a speedy little one :) Not a surprise being that you are her mom ;) Swim meets go on rain or shine, that's why you get swim parkas :)

Rhonda said...

Yaayyy Morgan! How exciting. She looks so cute with her goggles and swim cap too.