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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Fun

Here are the girls getting ready to go trick-or-treating for the first time ever. We have always gone to a carnival or down town state street so they were VERY excited. Me on the other hand, not such a huge fan of Halloween. Truth be told its because I am a big chicken and don't like people who I don't know and can barely see in the dark walking up to me in costumes and scaring the (you fill in the blank) out of me.
Our kids and my dear friends kids always come up with a movie theme and then pick a character that fits them best. This year it was Toy Story so Ryanne was Little Bo Peep and Morgan was Jessie the cow girl.
Here is Marianne with Luke who is Buzz Light Year, Lillie who is one of Ryannes lost sheep and sadly we are missing Woody (AKA Caleb) because he came down with the stomach flu earlier in the day and had to miss out. Bummer!!
Nope, couldn't get them to smile at all! Notice the pails with the liners I had sewn to go inside! Thanks for the idea Christy P. (if you want to see some great ideas click on her lick on myblog-to crafty!)
Happy Halloween from the Toy Story crew!!

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christy p said...

What a great idea to have the kids pick a movie, then pick the character that they are the closest too! I may have to borrow that for next year. Thanks for the nice compliment btw.... :)
What I want to know is this...WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU DOING UP AT 4 to write this post????