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Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you didn't have to look far to find things to be thankful for. I know we didn't. Morgan & I experimented with a new pumpkin spice cake recipe and everyone loved it although it was almost to cute to cut into.
We spent the day here in town over at my Aunt's house. Most of my family came except my brother had to work. (ahh the life of a CHP) Ryanne did what she does best at this lovely age of three and did her time in time-out. Ugh, even Thanksgiving doesn't change the rebel in her!
When she wasn't in trouble she attacked her cousin Christopher who by the way is at the age where girls are "icky" and annoying so he was a little less than thrilled that I didn't call her off. :)
My mom and Aunt stopped cooking long enough to pose for a picture; well I kind of told them if they didn't turn around I would zoom in on thier butts and post them on my blog today!
After a great dinner my cousins (who I swear were just babies) and me and the girls all just hung out and visited. It was a really fun day! Thank you Tim and Donna for hosting, great job as usual! :)
Beside just Thanksgiving I was also celebrating my one year anniversary! For those of you who dont know me very well this was a huge day for me. Five years ago this next April I tested positive for Lupus and then Rheumatoid arthritis. I went from REALLY healthy and athletic to not being able to walk or dress myself on some days. I couldn't hold a pencil and was spending time experimenting with pills, shots and trips to the hospital for doses of Chemo to slow the disease. After nothing worked I decided to seek out a holistic Dr. who specialized in womens disease with a focus on food. I started treating my disease with food and improved in 72 hours! Very exciting! I did great up until about 2 weeks ago when the pain in my back and neck started to get unbarable. I found out from the Rheumatologist on Monday that indeed the disease has spread to my back, nech, collar bone etc. So unfortunatly I have agreed to VERY low doses of treatment once a week but am also continuing the food plan. No wheat, no dairy, no gluten, very little refined sugar and I have topped it off by going ALL organic in everything we buy and eat. None of us have been sick in a year excpet a few runny noses here and there. Im serious, no flew, no viruses, no nothing. It's been huge to see the love and support from Dan & the girls as they follow the same food plan with me. Over a year now! Isn't that a blessing!! Anyways, just wanted to share my exciting news as I have been counting down the days to my year mark. So as you can see I have tons to be thankful for this year! Blessed day!


Jessica said...

What a beautiful cake... you used your pumpkin molds :) I love fun shaped cakes. Is that dog in one of the pictures a rat terrier? It looks like it could be Cookie's cousin. I'm so happy that you've made it a year with your diet :) Your eating and organic habits are inspiring! We should get together for lunch one day next week if you have a chance. Hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend, love you friend!

Faithy said...

Christy, that cake is beautiful! I bet Morgan was proud. I love it when our creations turn out cute AND taste yummy. :)
Way to go on a year of your diet! Yesterday marked an important day for me too, its been a year since my diagnosis! Crazy what a year can do, huh?
I hope you continue to feel well and the chemo can get you back on track.
Love you much! Let's get together soon and let the girls play!

DonnaG said...

Yippee on the anniversary. What an amazing story. We were just talking to the Kane's about all organic diets. Might be something for us.

5KidMom said...

Thanksgiving was, indeed, great!! It's always fun to visit with family; to see and love on those that we don't see often enough.

I'm so sorry to hear about your disease progressing, but am thrilled that your change in diet has made such a dramatic difference. You are blessed to have such a supportive family, and I'll be praying that the new treatment will take care of the latest symptoms.

christy p said...


That cake looks incredible. You must share your recipe! Looks like everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thank you for sharing your story. I will definitely add this to my prayers! Have a Happy Day!