Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, November 3, 2008

Please vote!!

OK, so here I go on my soap box; please vote. Please don't e-mail, call or post on my blog that you are undecided or what one lady said,"I am going to mark Jesus Christ as my president in the blank as a sign my civil protest." Uummmmmm..........last time I check he wasn't running and isn't interested in holding a man made position designed to be held by MAN. God desires to be our king and in that if we are choosing to make him our ultimate leader we should be seeking his will for every choice we make as believers. Please vote.
Please don't tell me one vote doesn't matter because you figure if your not the only one saying that then it's no longer one vote and yes one vote does matter. We have been given the privilege as a country to voice our opinions. Please vote.
It's not a matter of choosing the "perfect" candidate, there is no such thing. We are all sinful and fallen and clearly the president is no exception. Regardless, we have to seek Gods wisdom and I truly believe he is the one who gives us hope and wisdom in this temporary home of ours.
Please vote. We have men and woman serving in the armed forces to protect our freedom. Please vote. This is our civic duty to make sure we attempt to make a difference.
Please vote. Please take your kids with you to vote so they learn to respect this freedom. Also, regardless of the outcome please pray for our leader whoever that ends up being. Pray for their salvation, for wisdom and for Godly people to come along side them and minister to them.
Please vote. OK, getting off my soap box. :)


MLasch said...

I'll be voting!!!

Rhonda said...

Excellent soapbox. I hope I get to vote too. I re-registered last year when we moved twice - once at the DMV and once online, and we still haven't received ANYTHING in the mail. Not a single piece of propaganda (which is good in and of itself), but does it mean that my registration didn't get processed? I'm a bit frustrated right now about this. I am going over to the RNP office later today when Bruce gets home to find out WHERE I am supposed to go tomorrow. I REALLY WANT TO VOTE. Please pray I get this figured out.

jo said...

WOW!! U said it. and I know wh u are talking about stinker, and I thought the same thing!!! Tehee. Im sorry I didnt read our blog until sun. its all good u can come over whenever u want k? AND I WILL VOTE U BET UR BOOTY

Crystal said...

I voted. But sadly enough "the other guy" won. I'm not going to criticize, but pray harder now than I did before.

christy p said...

I voted.

Yvonne said...

I did! We are blessed with a great mayoral elect who loves the Lord and loves Fresno. I love that the Lord is on His throne and that according to Romans 13, He places in authority who He deems and they are "God's Servants". What peace we have being His children. Purify Your Bride, Lord!