Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Love Bites and A weekend away

Thanks to my blogging friend Christy P. I got the idea to make these little pieces of heaven today. We are heading up to our Firefighters for Christ conference this weekend and I always surprise our friends that ride with us with a home made goodies. This year I decided to make them Love Bites. I also made an extra box for our friends Brian and Yvonne who will be up there and for Jeff and Allie our friends who are taking the girls for us. So hopefully they all like them. They were a thumbs up at our house. :)
I cannot tell you how badly we need to get away this weekend. We plan this trip every year and this year we thought maybe just maybe it would be the first time in 11 years that we missed it due to my health and my scheduled surgery. I started praying that God would work all those details out and that my healing would be so fast so I could go, of course he did all of those things and more. But in the last two weeks since my surgery I have started Iron through IV in the hospital each Monday and lets just say that this last round didn't agree with me. I was violently ill this week and then Ryanne started wheezing when I picked her up from school on Wed. so I rushed her back to the urgent care since she had pneumonia back in Feb. So on top of home schooling, making all my Dr.'s appt.'s, rushing Ryanne around trying to get someone to tell me if they think she has asthma and being alone during most of this I am exhausted. I know satan does not want us to go to Hume Lake this weekend. Every year I throw my hands up and tell Dan we just can't make it work this year. Every year I stress about child care and being 5+ hours from the kids. Every year things start to fall apart right before we are to go and you know what? Every year by God's grace we make it and every year he restores and builds up our marriage. We have spent many hours and days at Hume Lake over the past 11 years with many amazing memories of tears, forgiveness, healing, rest, laughter, meeting up with old friends I could go on forever. The fact is that God has used this place and time that we make every effort to set aside every year to bless us and I am ALWAYS so glad we went. Once all the laundry is done, the kids are packed and shipped off and we are on the road (hopefully with Starbucks in hand) I know it will be good. Please pray for all of the fireman and their families as we commute from all over CA. You can't imagine the feeling of being in a room of 200 fireman and their wives and listening to their hearts and their worship, so amazing. Have a blessed weekend.
Oh and FYI if you were planning on breaking into our house we have someone watching it AND if you get past them could you just make sure you do any laundry I miss and wipe your feet OK!


Rhonda said...

Your love bites look fabulous!!!
I will be praying for your weekend. If the weather stays like it has been the last couple of days up here, you are in for ideal conditions. It has been soooooo beautiful. Sorry to hear you were sick my friend.
Have fun!

{Erica Young} said...

Those do look good. Maybe you can post the recipe?? I'm always looking for new food to make.

I hope you have a great weekend getaway and it's peaceful for you. I'm glad you have great weather, it's been below freezing at night and 40-50 during the day with wind or lately rain. I'm still waiting for spring.

Jessica said...

I'm sorry you had such a rough week friend. I am so happy for you that you guys get to get away :) May you be blessed!

Oh and your love bites look yummy!

littlecbsmom said...

I'm absolutely drooling...just so you know! I have been without chocolate so long and they look especially yummy to me! Maybe you can make me some when I come visit this summer?? Oh yah, and the recipe would be fun, but I would rather you make them because I'm sure you are MUCH better at it than I would be. After all, you already practiced!

I hope you all enjoy this weekend, I know how you look forward to it all year and God uses it in such a mighty way for you two that it is not surprising that Satan tried to get all over that too! I can't wait to hear how it goes! Love ya!

The Keilers said...

I will pray for an amazing weekend.
(even though you're on pelvic rest;).

jo said...

fabulous. glad i got to help too.

Yvonne said...

They were soooo yummy! I bet they are healthy, right? It was so good to see you both. Dan, when are you going to put it on the calendar to come visit. A carrot dangling in front of you...Brent and Laurie live two minutes from us. Love you.