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Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Early Birthday Present

Today my new toy/early birthday present came in the mail. I have been wanting one of these Flip videos for about a year but had kind of forgotten about it until it popped up on last week for $80!!! My birthday is not until April 19th but I begged Dan and the girls to give it to me today. Plus, I reminded them they could always go and buy me something else if they REALLY wanted to have something for me to open that day. He,heee! ;)
As you can see this little baby basically fits in your pocket and records up to an hour before you have to dump it onto your computer. I love to catch the girls doing fun things when we are out but I never want to mess with a bulky video camera and a case etc. This flip video you can toss in your purse or backpack and just go. So much fun!

Here is my first attempt at using the Flip. See what you think.
Also, if you ever get a chance (I check it every morning) go to and check out their daily specials. I bought my Dyson for $200 there, normally almost $500! If you love a deal like I do you will find tons of fun stuff on this site. Every night at 10pm they put something new up for sale but when its gone its gone! :)
P.S. this is morgan's piano debut. She has been playing for about 8 weeks now. :)


littlecbsmom said...

How fun is that! I want one! I am horrible about taking video for that very reason! She sounds great on the piano, tell her good job for me!

Jessica said...

hehe, very cute, way to go Morganne :) Happy birthday Christy! Hope you have fun enjoying your gift :)

Jolene Grace said...

Soooo cute! I love Morgan's piano playing and Ryan's voice! I look forward to more precious video clips of your beautiful girls. :-) (Happy early birthday too.)

jo said...

good job christy! way to go for the early presents. I have already been on a cruise and bought myself some clothes all for the sake of my birthday! Yipee!!

Brigitte said...

Great! I am going to love but I don't think my husband I want a flip!! :)

{Erica Young} said...

OMG they are so cute playing and singing. I want one of those! I'll have to go and check out that site.
BTW-I will post soon. Been very down and out.

Rhonda said...

My sister got one of those Flip videos when she went to the Ellen show to watch a taping. I agree that it is soooo cool. She actually got 2 and I tried to convince her that she should give one to me, but she had other plans.
Yay for early birthday presents.
And thanks for telling us about I might be the only one out there that hasn't heard of it, but I'm greatful to have heard now.
I pray you are feeling well.

Eileen said...

That is SO COOL! And Morgan is playing so well and confidently! Awesome job! What did she call Ryanne? My Little Chica? That's what it sounded like! Too funny!!! Love you guys!!!

Crystal said...

Oh we so need a video post of these darlings like everyday of the week. Ahh how cute!!! I love when little ones still can't say their r's perfectly. Oh too cute for words!

Andrea said...

Ummm I'm wondering why you didn't post the adorable video of Ryanne and her speaking soooo highly of her teacher?