Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Since I last posted & other stuff........

We took advantage of the amazing weather out in Palm Springs this past weekend and went to the College of The Desert's outdoor market day. My mom met up with us and she of course made sure the girls got some cool shades to wear And Ryanne's cool hat because,"Grandma, I just DON'T do the sun!" Morgan brought the binoculars because......well I don't know why but she sure looked cute! :) You know how they say when people get their first ta too they can't stop? I wouldn't know about that; sorry blogger friends, no secret hearts on my butt or butterflies you should know about. I know, such a bummer! ;) BUT, I do think I am addicted to cutting my hair since I went short. It's just so fun a and kind of freeing if you will. No decisions on what the heck to do with it every morning and its just there and easy and cute. I love the girl who cuts my hair cause she knows me so well and does exactly what I ask her to AND gets it right. I know it's blurry but here is the back. Its all layered and choppy and fun.

I turned this black and white so you couldn't see how tired I was today. :) I Love black and white. It works miracles! Morgan took this. Good job Morgan!

Ryanne wanted her hair cut short as well so I said,"what the heck!" She loves it!
Sunday we all went back out to the desert to take a hike through Aqua Caliente Indian reservation. If you ever get a chance it is amazing and beautiful. You can hike for miles and find beautiful waterfalls and rocks and views that you wouldn't believe. The history there is rich and the people oh so nice. Great family day.
Other Random stuff:
I went for a walk yesterday and came home all dirty and bruised. When Dan saw me he was like,"What the heck? Who goes for a walk and comes back bloody?" Me I guess. I saw this older lady walking who I try and talk to every so often cause she's super interesting and I feel like God laid her on my heart a long time ago. So anyways, she was on the horse path below me and when I went down the hill to say hi and pet her dog I slipped on the wet plants and fell face first! Oooppsss! Dan asked if I was embarrassed. No, I guess I should have been but I just hopped up and kept on talking. He,heee! YOW my knees hurt today though. ;)

Monday I went into the hospital for my treatment and got all excited to see this older lady there that I knew. I rushed over and grabbed the recliner next to her and started talking away. She was so nice and jumped right in. About a half hour into it I realized she wasn't who I thought she was. ooppsss! I think I am loosing my mind. Dan said obviously she was to because she kept talking away like I knew stuff. At least she's 80 though! Whats my excuse?

Sad to report our Fire Dept. lost a Captain this week. You may have read it in the paper. The guys are really bummed and it was very unexpected as he was not sick. He was injured riding his dirt bike but they said he would be fine and then he died suddenly on Mon. They think a blood clot maybe. SO now we wait for the funeral so our guys can say good bye and lay a friend to rest. Very hard week for them all. Please keep them and also his wife and kids in your prayers.

Last but not least, well maybe least, ;) I got the call last night that I will be having surgery next Thursday. My ultra sound I mentioned a few posts ago came back clear (good news) and so did the other tests they ran but I still need surgery. They will first do a DNC and then a uteral ablation. Removing the lining of my uterus to hopefully stop my cycles. If all goes well I will get to go home later that day after the surgery. Basically this is the step they are doing to try and avoid a hysterectomy. I have been VERY anemic for some time and although some of that is from the chemo treatments I also have horrible cycles so they need to be lightened or stopped. Then the following week I will see my oncologist for iron infusions for 6 weeks. Please pray this lube job if you will works and I get back up to speed. I do OK now but OK is starting to not be enough. I need the iron to work so my body has some reserves to fight infection and stay healthy. Thanks so much for praying and for staying positive, no negative (I went through that and it was horrible comments allowed pleeeaasssee!) Ignorance is bliss sometimes people. :) Have a blessed week. :)


christy p said...

Oh Christy. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I asked Dale and he said he hadn't heard anything.

I will be praying for you during your surgery. You sure have been through a lot!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hair. SO cute. What does Dan think?

Great pics...glad you updated!

{Erica Young} said...

I love your hair! I have to take more pics of my hair then I will post. Ryanne's hair looks cute too.

Good luck on your surgery, I will be praying for you.

I sent you an e-mail, I don't remember the name of the book you told me to get. Give me the name and I will run up to the library and get it.

I wish I was in Cali, the weather here's been horrible and we have nowhere nice like that to walk. I hate Michigan!

Christy said...

Christy, Dan LOVES my hair short and thinks it is more my personality. Short and sassy! He,hee! The book I suggested was The power of a praying wife. Also, the FireProof movie and book are great aids in getting your marriageon the right track and praying for each other. :)

Jessica said...

Your hair super cute! I just got mine cut too but I'm not brave enough to go that short :)

I'll continue to keep you in my prayers. Hopefully your "lube" job gets you up to top speed :)

The desert hike looks fun! I've never done anything like that out there, I need to.

Let me know if you need any help after your surgery.

Rhonda said...

Your hair is so cute and Ryanne's is pretty cute too. I always thought you looked great with short hair.

I'm praying for you already. I will be praying for the family of the fire captain too (the biological and work family)

I wish I was there to bring you treats after your surgery and maybe even just help out with whatever you might need help with.
Love you friend!

Eileen said...

Wow... lots of important information in one post! First, your hair is ADORABLE... so flattering! I will continue to pray for your physical issues and healing... and also the whole fire department on their loss... I know those guys are family. Those sound like GREAT places to visit... how fun! And about falling down... remember at NAU when I tripped over a (somewhat) buried tree limb, and you guys were falling over yourselves laughing at me? Humiliating... but makes me giggle now... laughter is the best medicine!!!

Christy said...

Eilee, I have to say I don't remember you tripping but if someone was laughing I am SURE it was the boys.......I would never laugh at someone falling...ok maybe a little but regardless you have to admit we had some unruly boys on that trip and so I am sure they were the ones making fun of you. I have great memories and photos of that road trip. Miss you friend. :)

Eileen said...

Sorry to say, you and Dan were BOTH on the dirt path laughing at me... you can't pass the buck on this one!!! hehehe

Yvonne said...

I will be lifting you up to the Lord. What a week and week to be. Still wish I was closer to you and I could be in your life on a daily basis and make meals and clean and love on the girls after surgery, but I know Jesus has given you people who will be present in your life. I hope you still get to come at the end of the month. May the name of the Lord be Praised. You are loved.

littlecbsmom said...

Well, I agree...hands down, the hair is SO cute! I'm glad you love it!

I will be praying for you on Thursday too! Please keep all of us that can't be close in blog world up to date on how you are doing! Sending big hugs from Oregon!

I'm coming in April for two weeks, I hope to get to see you then! Love ya!