Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cute kiddo and a Quote

It's always fun to share what comes out of my kids mouths first then get on to the other stuff. :)
Last night we were next door eating dinner with our friends when I heard this conversation:
Ryanne: "Luke, when we grow up can you marry me?"
Luke: "No sorry I am going to marry Jessica."
Ryanne: "Ok, well when you are done being married to Jessica can you marry me?"
Luke: "I don't think I can do that Ryanne."
Aren't kids so dang cute!!!!
In my quiet time (or lack there of) this morning ;) I came across this quote in my book and I just though at a time when I have a friend who just miscarried, marriages struggling, people loosing jobs, and just what seems to be a general feeling of helplessness in the world that it was a good quote to share.
See God in everything, and God will calm and color all that you see. It may be that the circumstances of our sorrows will not be removed, their condition will remain unchanged; but if Christ, as Lord and Master of our life, is brought into our grief and gloom, He will compass us about with songs of deliverance. To see Him, and to be sure that even His direst dealings with us are for our deepest spiritual gain, is to be able to say in the midst of bereavement, sorrow, pain, and loss, The Lord gave, and the Lord taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord. Nothing else but seeing god in everything will make us loving and patient with those who annoy and trouble us. They will be to us then only instruments for accomplishing His tender and wise purposes toward us, and we shall even find ourselves at last inwardly thanking them for the blessing they bring us. Nothing else will completely put an end to all murmuring or rebelling thoughts.
Hannah Whitall
Last week our pastor said,"Let the joy and love we have for the Lord just "slip" out this week wherever you go." I have been thinking about that all week. Just letting my love "slip out" so that others can see Gods love is my hearts desire. Lately I have had this sense of urgency for people I know that don't know the Lord. I am certain he is coming back and as I watch people I love around me hurting it gives the desire even more to let his love "slip out." Let your excitement about being a child of God slip out this week people, let it slip out! :)


Jessica said...

What an awesome quote, I love it.

Ryanne cracks me up, that is cute :)

The Keilers said...

Your kiddos are so stinkin cute! I love that little nautical dress.

I read the first four chapters of Job a few weeks ago and I was so moved by his faith in God. Can you imagine losing all "10" children in one fell swoop? And then still trusting God. Amazing.

Eileen said...

Wow... so GOOD! Thank you.

Rhonda said...

Great post Christy!

{Erica Young} said...

I needed that today, thanks.

Your kids are adorable. I love what kids can come up with.

Jolene Grace said...

Christy, you are such a beautiful woman of God. I have been so blessed to know you. Thank you for your words of encouragement and your incredibly Godly love. You inspire me.