Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dear Jesus

"Dear Jesus, I know I ask allot of you and am constantly knocking at your door with requests. It must get exhausting to clean up mess, after mess, after mess. I really think this will be my last plea and I promise to keep it short, but do you think you could just come back NOW because I am NOT going to survive 4!"
"You see Jesus, she is really so dang cute, but the buttons she knows how to push with me make me realize how much I missed 3!!
" I was on a walk the other day enjoying your creation when it dawned on me that I had been praying all wrong. Instead of give me patience, kindness, guard my anger and tongue, I need to be praying you will just come back today because I am not cut out for teenage daughters. Don't worry you still have time they are only 4 and 8 but the longer you take the more grey hairs they make."
"I appreciate all the sweet old ladies you put in our path at the grocery store and bank who smile ever so sweetly and say,"enjoy this time honey it won't last!" And in the back of my head I am thinking,"Thank you Jesus, that is the hope I am holding onto lady!"
"I found a grey hair and I am waking up in the mornings much slower, I think it's all part of their bigger plan to take over! So if you could find it in your heart to just answer this one last prayer, please come quickly cause I'm pulling out all my hair!!!"
The good news is this; I am getting in the car with my husband this afternoon and driving away to the beach for the weekend for a nice romantic birthday getaway. My mom is staying and no I won't be leaving the camera; I don't want any proof that this little one tortured her all weekend. Thank you again mom and God bless you for rescuing me this weekend. Very much needed.
Now for all you first time mom's out there who have sweet little 8 month old babies in your lap as you read this who think you hung the moon and you could never imagine WANTING to get away from your kids this weekend (WAKE UP! They are still to young to talk back!) No seriously I will miss my kids and everything will make me think of them and I will be ready to come home on Sunday. Well, it depends on how nice our room is! Kidding!!!


{Erica Young} said...

Have a great birthday weekend getaway. I wish I lived close to the beach to do that. God is listening and will answer your prayers. Good luck to your mom too, haha.

Brigitte said...

Did you read my mind this morning? Mine are only 18 months and almost 4 but there are days where I pray the same thing! Come back NOW! I am hoping for a birthday getaway soon too! Have a great one and come back with some fun stories. Be safe.

Jessica said...

hehe, what a cute prayer! Mine is only 18 months and I feel like that too! wow! I guess it doesn't end huh? Hope you enjoy your nice getaway, how awesome :) Matt and I are going to Vegas in June and I can HARDLY WAIT :)

Crystal said...

I'm just cracking up at the fact that you snap shotted her entire fit (I'm sure she loved that;).

Have fun on your romantic getaway :).

Rhonda said...

Hopefully, she will miss you enough to avoid some of that fit at least for a little while when you get back. (Until she forgets how much she missed you.)
Have a GREAT birthday!!!

littlecbsmom said...

Have a GREAT birthday weekend, I'm so excited for you!
I have to say, that is a great prayer, thanks for the reminder, we should all pray that one more often!
She is too darn cute! I love the pictures!

Jolene Grace said...

Such a cute post. Sometimes it takes those looking from the outside in to help provide a different perspective. Blessings to you, friend. I hope you have a blast with your honey!

Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I have been thinking about you this weekend! I love you!