Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Catching you up!

Here are a few photos that I had been meaning to post. We drove over the hill to Oak Glen in our Jeep last week and had a picnic with the girls. Very nice, relaxing? Not so much but very nice! :) I believe this is the "OH NO I HAVE SPEED WOBBLES AND AM GOING TO EAT IT!" look just before she "ate" it! Ha, Ha! It's the simple things in life that tickle you as a parent. :)
This is how you nap in the grass when you are a daddy. No joke for those of you waiting to become parents, this here is a glimpse of your future "relaxing" moments. ;) Priceless though no?

We made a quick run to San Diego and stayed at Dan's sisters so they could do the Rock N' Roll marathon. The girls and I stayed and hung out with the twins because in case you haven't figured this out from reading my blog yet; I DON"T RUN, well unless something is chasing me or there is chocolate in front of me. Dan and his sister did great for their first marathon as did our friend Andrea who had a great time. I think they are all hooked; that is after all the swollen knees go down. :)

Morgan is getting pretty handy with the camera. I L-O-V-E this man!

Sisters are the funniest creatures. I think two seconds after this shot they were rolling around on the ground physically fighting over a doll. Ahhhhh..........heaven!


Stacy Y said...

such sweet photos :-)

Rhonda said...

Love the picture of Dan with the girls laying on him.
I think you should gather all the photos of them sleeping on him or laying on him while he is sleeping since they were born.
I think you could fill a photobook (at least have a REALLY LONG blog post.)

Crystal said...

Love the one of you and Dan, very sweet for that Morgan took that :).