Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thinking Outloud

Is it just me, no don't answer that pleeeaassseee! I have been dying although hesitant to write on my blog about Jon & Kate plus 8 and now Michael Jackson.I hate to jump on the media band wagon cause that's so NOT me but my heart is seriously heavy here so bare with me.

When Jon & Kate plus 8 first started the girls and I would plop down and watch this crazy family of 10 do their daily thing. I watched cause it made my house seem calm, my kids watched because well, they want more brothers and sisters, (FYI, not gonna happen). The first season we were so excited to see them praying as a family at the table and going to church. I remember thinking to myself,"I would definitely HAVE to be a believer to have 8 kids!" Then one day Dan walked through as we were watching the show and he said,"honey, that wife is rude and unkind!" Or maybe it was more like,"Oh, I'd have to kill her!" Ya' that sounds more like my husbands personality. ;) I was like,"Oh honey its just her showing off for the camera." But the more I watched I realized she was tearing her husband down and not building him up to be the man God intended. We pretty much quit watching at that point. Then through news reports and articles in magazines at Dr.'s appointments I heard they were cheating, splitting up etc. I tuned in (along with a billion other viewers) last week to see if it was true and sure enough they have filed for divorce. A million dollar house, a hit T.V. show, new hair, nails, surgery's, vacations etc. and still heartbreak. I got to thinking about how in the show they quit going to church and praying together and how they were so disrespectful to each other. I don't even know these people and trust me I am not judging but instead I am heart broken that they are choosing to quit. Where are their REAL friends, their pastor from the church they went to, their family to say,"hey! you can get through this! God is bigger than all this hurt. Walk away from the fame and love your husband/wife." *big sigh* Dan said if I lived next door to them I could take them the Love Dare from Fireproof. ;)

OK, so last night I had Fox news on for a few minutes and they flashed a picture of Michael Jackson and Morgan said,"Mom, that is one weird looking woman." I explained who he was.
Me: "Morgan, he IS the king of pop!"
Morgan: "King of pop? Whats pop?"
Me:"Heeelllllooooo, pop music! Thriller, moon walk, one white glove, staying up and sneaking MTV in the 80's to watch his newest videos."
Morgan: "MTV? Moon walk? Ooookkkkkkk..............."
Me: "It's OK I understand let me show you some "Michael moves."
Morgan: *hysterical laughter*
The news then breaks in and shows his home that he rents for $100,000 a month and announces that it had 11 bathrooms and then in the same breath it talks about how he was going broke.
Morgan:"Mom, why did he need 11 bathrooms? Why is he dead? Why did he do that to his body? Do you think he loved the Lord?"
Me: *sigh* "I think he was very confused Morgan and that 11 bathrooms and all the money in the world can't buy you God's peace."
I was coming on here to check my email this morning and EVERYTHING is about people grieving and going hysterical over the loss of this singer. Very sad I think. I mean very sad that we don't get that upset whenever someone dies that is that lost and confused. Again, I obviously didn't know the man but my heart hurts for him and his family as they struggle to find meaning and truth in a world that idolizes the wrong things and wrong people.


Rhonda said...

Very well said Christy!

Stacy Y said...

I am soo heartbroken for Jon and Kate also...I keep thinking why the heck are they not trying harder for the family... people give up way to easy.. God can heal anything!

Jeff and Aimee said...

I had to laugh at what your daughter said about MJ 'cause several years ago, Tobias caught sight of him on a tabloid cover at the market and said, "That is one weird looking doll." I told him, "That's not a doll; that's an actual human being." He said, "Well, then that's a weird looking lady." I explained that he was, in fact, a man. Kids call it like they see it.

littlecbsmom said...

I think that is beautifully written and I am glad that you posted it!
I love your talk with Morgan, how sweet is that? She is so precious with such a big heart!

Eileen said...

I couldn't have said it better. About both subjects.

The Keilers said...

Two things:

I agree so much with what you said about Jon and Kate. Last night was the first time I've ever watched an episode (I was mindlessly hemming my shorts, needed something to watch, & found it on TLC). I too felt so sad that they seemed to have drifted away from each other and God. Left to our own devices we all could wind up in the same place of pain and anger.

MJ. I watched a special on Friday night about him and all I could say to Stephen was, "How sad. He was so sick and hurting deeply for so many years." People want something to idolize, but they don't realize the person behind they're obsession. Listening to him in old interviews broke my heart.

Yvonne said...

Oh how we need Jesus!!! He is our Redeemer and Healer. I am desperate for Him. My heart breaks, and I so long for all people, whether famous or not, to know and believe the Lord and that Jesus came to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release for the prisoners!!! I love you Christy. Thank you for articulating the way you did on these subjects.