Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Love You........Here's A Chili Pepper Plant!

The girls and I made goodies to deliver to our neighbors and their friends. A few months back I saw these chocolate dipped marshmallows in a magazine for like $2 a piece and thought,"I SOO could get the girls to make those!" They turned out really cute and to top it off Morgan attached an ornament she painted.For the piano teacher and Home school ES we made a great recipe from this clever lady, They are chocolate mint biscotti. We attached Starbucks cards so they could get some coffee for dipping. :)

Ooopppssss.............this is out of order but here's the marshmallow pops the girls made for their friends.
We also got a sweet delivery from my friend Bridgette. So fun to answer your door and find a friendly face with a plate of goodies. LOVE IT! Thank you friend, as you can see they gobbled them up even before I could take a picture. :)
Lastly, I always tell you funny stories about why Ryanne makes me laugh and now I will tell you why I love my husband so. He came home last week and surprised me with a poinsettia plant. He buys me one every year to decorate the house with. Well this year our kitten decided it was his to play in and destroy. I was kinda bummed cause it was so thoughtful of Dan and it was beautiful.
Knowing I was upset Dan stopped by Trader Joes on his way home from work and when he walked in he handed me a chili pepper plant and said,"Here honey, I bought you a chili pepper plant, I bet the cat wont eat this!" Ahhhhh......who says the honeymoon is over after 13 years? ;) Oh and just for the record the cat wont go anywhere near the plant AND it is very festive on the table. :)
(Disclaimer: When we thought the cat would die after eating the poinsettia we did some research and it IS an old wives tale that they are poisonous to animals or kids so we're all good.)


jo said...

those mallows look super duper yummy!

Crystal said...


Kacie Whigham said...

Oh that makes me laugh!!! I brought my aloe plant inside last week to protect it from the cold weather and our kitties totally destroyed much for protection.

Stacy Y said...

all of it looks delicious.... except the plant.. clever of Dan to do that :)

Jeff and Aimee said...

Dan is a genius! Also, those marshmallows are great. Don't you love it when you can easily make something for about one-tenth the price it would cost you?

Rhonda said...

Yum! The plant is pretty cute too.

Brigitte said...

Thank you for our treats! We LOVED them and now Gracie wants to make some. Very tasty - glad your family liked the cookies looks like next year I should bring more! :) Happy Holidays my friend. Plus, I adore that chili pepper plant now I am off to get one.

Anonymous said...

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