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Monday, January 18, 2010

7 Random Things About me.....

My friend Jessica has nominated me for a blogger award which means I am to tell you 7 random things about myself. This could really go two ways; you could read them and never return to my blog as I have been known to give out TMI, or you could be bored senseless cause I don't know that there are 7 random interesting facts about me that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Really I should have my husband and kids do this, you would learn way more "good" stuff. ;)

1. Ever since I got really sick back in May I have this horrible phobia of doctor's, doctor's offices, needles, anything medical basically. I can ONLY go to my homeopathic Doctor. I now take my kids there, my husband uses her and it gets better; I get sweaty, elevated heart rate and horrible anxiety at the very thought of even going into a regular doctor's office or hospital. I am sure it will pass as I continue to heal. I had such a bad experience with the chemo, the response from my Dr. when I got sick and was in the hospital etc. that I have put up this mental block of sorts. Good thing none of my friends are doctors or I may twitch the whole time I am around them. ;) Ok freaking out, gotta quit talking about it.

2. I am kinda a food snob. But not in the fancy way my friends Jess and Jolene are where they enjoy the finer foods and drinks; rolling their wine around and smelling it before partaking (love you guys! he,hee) but in the way that I am so convinced food has EVERYTHING to do with how we feel physically and mentally day in and day out that when I see little kids downing diet soda at circus practice and eating huge bags of fire Cheetos I cant stop obsessing about it. I start to think about how they are working out and not getting water to replace the fluids they are loosing and the dye and the fat in the chips that is so bad while they are working out so hard. My poor kids are in the corner with their bottles of water and veggie sticks. They are going to be so jacked up!

3. I LOVE surprises but just not for me. I like to plan and give surprises. I like to plan weekends away with Dan or decorate the girls rooms with Christmas lights while they are asleep so when they wake up its beautiful. I like to sneak in friends homes and leave treats just because. But try and surprise me and you will be sorely disappointed. I am so nosey and like to know whats up. Control freak as Dan says. But really I think it is that I like to know cause being excited and anticipating what is coming (like our cruise) is half the fun for me. I like the "getting ready" part. :)

4. I knew from VERY early on (high school) that I would marry a blue collar kind of guy. No suit and tie or office job. No regular schedule either. I just knew in my gut I was going to marry someone who wasn't home all the time. I also had sworn off dating and marriage right before I met Dan. When I saw him walk into the restaurant I leaned over to my friend and said with tons of confidence,"I am going to marry that tall man right there." She thought I was crazy since I had never even seen him before in my life. Almost two years later to the date we were married in front of family and friends in my home church. 13 years next month. He's tall, amazingly cute and does NOT have normal hours or days. ;)

5. This is going to sound crazy so please don't take it the wrong way. Only for a very short, short while did I desire to carry a baby. As a women I am sure that seems absurd and not at all normal but its the truth. My ache to become a mama came from somewhere else. It was never a fear of being pregnant or giving birth, shoot I have the highest pain tolerance and was planning on doing it naturally with a home birth anyway. But it was more than that. It was like there was something in me that just knew I would be raising someone else's kids and God had given me this deep, deep desire to not only love and raise the sweet babes that these girls would part with but to love the birth moms as well. Like God wanted to teach me something and help me to grow outside myself through that. There is nothing you will ever experience in your life like walking into a hospital room and having a young girl who just gave birth hand you her daughter and ask you to take the best care of her you can. It's like this privilege that you never earned or will ever deserve has just been given to you. To this day I cringe at the very thought of ever finding out I was pregnant (don't worry not possible) cause I feel like that is not what would be right for our family. It has no appeal to me. Now tell me an adoption story or introduce me to someone who has just placed a baby up for adoption and I'm butter. Weird I know, sorry.

6. I think random things that have no place or purpose. Like yesterday for example I was sitting in church really enjoying the sermon when all of a sudden I got the funniest thought; what if I had a super power and that super power was I could see a little bubble above every ones heads in front of me at church and it said what they were thinking in that moment? Awesome right? It would be like; "eggs, butter, bread and don't forget the milk." or "Man I should apologize for yelling at my wife this morning." or "Pastor is long winded this morning, and I gotta pee!" So much fun! I really hope nobody from our church staff is reading this. :)

7. OK last but thankfully for you least. I have never met a stranger. It drives Dan nuts to go places with me cause I talk to the cashier, the Stare bucks lady, the guy at the car wash. Dan is trying something on in a dressing room and when he comes out I have a new friend. I'm serious and people talk to me everywhere. When I get off the plane or a train or in line somewhere I will tell Dan,"Oh that poor man lost his wife last year and he's so nice. I invited him to church his name is Fred and you guys should really connect you have lots in common." Dan usually rolls his eyes and walks away. Or we will be somewhere and someone will come up to me to chat and I will try to give Dan the low down on how I know them from some random thing and he just sighs heavily. ;) I LOVE people, not as much as animals but I LOVE people. He,hee!


Brigitte said...

Ok, I have decided we have WAY to much in common. I knew I would marry my hubby just by sight and had not even met him yet too. I never thought I would have babies (as in pregnancy) God decided that one hee hee. I am a little bit of a food phobic (ok more than a little), I think about the bubble thing at church to (no really I do) and I literally know no strangers and talk to everyone too! How ironic is all that!

Jessica said...

so fun, thanks for playing along :)

Kacie Whigham said...

#6- I had a phobia when I was younger that people had your hypothetical super power. I went around, day after day, terrified that I had a thought bubble above my head at all times...I even looked for it once or twice. It's a super scary thought!!! Not to mention, verbalizing it makes me sound quite crazy!!

Jeff and Aimee said...

It's fun learning about you, C. I'm with you on number 2 though it seems like you take it a bit further than me. A few weeks ago this lady was telling me about how some other lady was chain smoking in front of her little kids and how upsetting that was. Well, the whole time she's telling me this, her own three year old is walking around with a HUGE bag of Cheetos, digging in with her little orange fingers, clogging her arteries one bite at a time. It was so ironic and yet NOT funny.

littlecbsmom said...

I loved it and knew a lot of it, but learned new stuff which was great! I will be carrying the visual image of you in church for a while, and you might of changed my experience this week too:) I am probably going to have to try NOT to do that now! Made me laugh!

I think your blog is great and you should be nominated!

Crystal said...

You and I are like two peas in a pod on number 7. I actually put "I love people" on my seven random things, but changed it to the extrovert one.

I loved hearing your heart on your girls and the adoption process. I've never heard you talk about it like that, how sweet and tender.

And I would bet most people think random things at random "what would happen if the pastor tripped and fell all of the way down the stairs..."

Anonymous said...

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