Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Recipe & An Update.......

Made this last night for dinner and it was GREAT!Tofu Enchiladas. Oh I can hear it now,"I HATE Tofu!" No you don't hate tofu I promise you don't. It's a mental thing. I thought I hated tofu as well until someone explained that tofu only tastes like what you cook it or season it with. Well, since it has no taste on its own that made perfect sense to me. So with a little cumin seasoning, some enchilada sauce and soy cheese.....
Ta-Daaaaaaa dinner is served. Its really easy if you want to try it out.
You take one package of firm tofu (trader joes) and pat it dry. Place container in freezer for 15 minutes so the tofu crumbles into a bowl when you dump it out.
Add cumin or any other seasoning to taste.
(If you warm the tortillas in a pan with olive oil spray they roll better)
Roll up the tofu in the tortillas with some soy cheese (trader joes) and lay in pan.
Pour enchilada sauce over top, sprinkle with cheese and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.
Our girls loved it. OK we are making a soup tonight with no meat and if it turns out I will give you the recipe. I know you all can hardly wait! ;)

OK now onto the bathing suit issue. I loved all the advice and took it to heart. I decided to rock it out in a tankini or one piece. I am not judging those of you who put your kids in two pieces and I truly believe until you have little girls its hard to see that they are being bombarded with false sexual images everyday that make them think the way to be pretty, popular and liked is by your body being a certain way or revealing certain things on your body. My kids are sheltered and they even see it. Commercials that are flashed of someone selling car insurance or make up is appalling. The cover of magazines when you stand in line at the store. I just really want our girls to value the entire package God has given them. I agree with one comment to a certain extent; would I tell my girls not to wear make up and then wear it? Well no I would not pour make up on every single day that was out of place lets just say and then tell them it was wrong for them. We tell our girls you can honor and dis honor the Lord in everything, you get to choose. That goes ten fold with your body even if you may not realize you are doing it.

Angela brings up a good point about reading the Every Mans Battle series and modesty. You can affect people and cause them to stumble even without being aware and I just have a hearts desire for our girls to be aware of the impact they are making on others and the kingdom.
I guess I never thought about these things until I had girls and even more so as they get older I desire for them to be raised to respect their bodies and hold a certain standard so that when those husbands come along that I have been praying for they would do the same. Plus after reading Every Mans Battle (which I highly encourage) I realize just how hard we often make it for men not to stumble. I want Morgan and Ryanne to take care of them selves but not get lost in what the world says is the "standard" or what it the norm. I don't want them to go with the flow or turn all their focus inward on themselves. Does that make sense? OK off to find a modest, cute swim suite! :)


Angela @ HomegrownMom said...

I'm so glad you brought all this up, Christy. All of of us Christian women should start setting the NEW standard! With ourselves and our daughters... and we need more of us to speak up because sometimes girls just don't realize. I am committed to trying to do it with you :) I need to examine my own choices more closely, too.

You rock!

Christy said...

thanks for the encouragment Angela. :) I can usually tell when God burdens my heart that its for a reason. Dan bringing it up to me just made it all the more clear. To some it may seem like a small, trivial thing but to me its THOSE very little things that make all the difference when our kids look back or others look into their lives. :)

Stacy Y said...

the enchiladas look yummmmy... you can make them for me anytime ;-) You are a great mommy to those girls and they will remember what a great role model you were for them when they were little and one day thank you :-)

Rhonda said...

Not trivial at all Christy. If you teach them now where there value lies, they (prayerfully) won't have the normal self esteem issues of most adolescent girls. I already think about that for Molly and she's only 2. She does wear a tankini in the summer though ;)
Love you friend!