Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family Update and Fits of Rage.......

Took all the girls on a ride around town on the fire engine.
Picked strawberries and raspberries up in Oak Glen then went home and made smoothies with our fresh fruit.
Oh and speaking of cute pictures of Ryanne and fits of rage; Graph got to see Ryanne's "ugly" side yesterday for about an hour. I asked her to go lay on her bed and rest with a book or game so I could work on their lessons for school next week and apparently that is just not acceptable for a parent to request. She pulled the whole head spin around, spew peas, shoot death darts out of her eyes and scream bloody murder like I am beating her (which by the way did cross my mind once or twice) and poor Graph................oh how can I put this? She was traumatized. She asked me later,"Is this normal for children? I have never heard a child scream like that just because." Yes Graph, this is normal. Welcome to my world. No seriously I think she thought I was beating her or something. She was pretty upset listening to Ryanne's tirade. I explained that she has a strong will and I am trying to tame it before she is 18 so that I don't feel guilty NOT bailing her out of jail. *sigh* Poor Graph. Wait, poor me!
On a much happier and lighter note, here is our classroom make over from summer. Thanks Ruth for helping me paint and mom for the tree donation. LOVE IT!

Below is the art center for my busy creative minded little ones.
These furry friends are floating around just above the art table. They are so cheery up against the sky blue walls.

This decal tree on the wall is from This is a fun magazine for all kinds of cute stuff for kids rooms or classrooms.
I just couldn't resist this great quote by Dr. Seuss . Just added that fun last touch to a room sure to be full of fun learning this year. (or torture from Ryanne, either way) :)
Oh and I can't forget the final fun thing I picked up last week. My friend Susie started her own business with a friend making teacher/student planners costumed to your classes and needs. They have cute covers to choose from and lots of space to write along with calendars and spots for chores and doodle pages. I sat last night and got my first 2 weeks all filled in and the girls are super excited. Thanks Susie. If you want to check her out go to
You won't be disappointed! :) I had the link here but someone said it wasn't working. If you want to check her out you can go to and it should work.


Rhonda said...

The room looks GREAT!!!

Brigitte said...

Fantastic school room! I am staring a kitchen/school room just to help Gracie along in "K" this year. :) Great ideas. As for the fits of rage I am with you! We have team drama here and have to work very hard on putting in controlled, count to 10 efforts. :) Hang in there - and keep me posted with good ideas.

Beth said...

I love your school room. It looks so nice. Hopefully your first day went well today :) Poor Graph and you, how hard to is to handle all those "little moments" with our children gracefully. True, some children do act that way. I have seen it first hand in my own home. Sometimes I handle it well and other times I would consider myself the one having fits of rage. I need to be praying for you and Ryanne more:) See you soon at park day!

littlecbsmom said...

Oh my gosh...Your school room looks awesome!!!! I am highly impressed! Want to come to Oregon and help ME out? I want to go to school there!

Jolene Grace said...

Such a cute classroom. That is my favorite Dr. Seuss quote too. :-) You are so creative.