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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wrapping Up Summer......

Did I mention we took "made" my mom go on the sky tram and she is terrified of heights. Opppsss! Probably not one of my stronger quality's; sheer pleasure in having someone do something that scares them so they can feel that adrenaline rush that keeps us alive. Ya' I know it's a sickness and my mom was at our mercy cause we were hootin' and hollering the whole way!
"Grandma, look at that plane over there and the Coronado bridge!!"

I think she enjoyed the bus more.
This is how you know you have run your kids to much during summer and they are ready for school to start. :)
"Umm...Miss can I help you?"
Both girls got called up to be in the shows which they thought was so fun. What a treat to get to perform in front of everyone. I think they caught the bug. ;)
Morgan resting on the moving sidewalk.
Oh I love this furry dude!
Then it was home to make cards for our exchange student who was on her way. The girls were so excited they were busting at the seams.
Graph has arrived safely and I think we are getting her caught up on her sleep. The girls are a great help in getting her used to things in our home and making her feel welcome. Ryanne talks way to fast for her but it's cute none the less. Morgan loves having a big sister in her room with her and has really helped Graph get settled. I figured I would give her a few days before I start documenting her every move and putting pictures of her on my blog. :)

Last night was Ryanne's medal ceremony for swim team. The younger kids on Star Fish only swim May-Aug. unlike Morgan's team who freezes all winter.

It's really very cute. They have them line up and march in to the tune of the Olympic theme. I'm gonna tell you something but it's not really public knowledge. I get choked up every time. Now it could be the patriotic tune that as an American just gets me or it could be that 3 years ago I NEVER though Ryanne would be able to swim all by herself.
(See previous post of Ryanne jumping from the pool, screaming and running through the parking lot with all the coaches chasing her and me crying.)
Not this year though. She is strong, confident and LOVES the water.

We are so proud of you Ryanne. I know swim team is NOT your favorite thing to do every summer but you rocked it out this year girl AND you were a great example of a loving, kind considerate kid to your coaches. I love you!


Rhonda said...

I still think that Circus thing is the coolest thing ever. When we were in Seattle, there was a store front downtown by the sports stadiums that was for trapeze lessons. The doors were open and classes were going on when we drove by and I thought of you.

Brigitte said...

So fun! Sounds like you had a great end of the summer. Good to hear. I am glad to hear that your health seems to be much better so that you don't miss out on all of these great days. Enjoy your school year.

littlecbsmom said...

Wow! I feel pain for your mom...being a little bit fearful of heights myself;) Glad she survived! Looks like it was a fun day!

I am glad things are going well with the exchange student and can't wait to hear more!

Enjoy what is left of summer!

Beth said...

How fun!

I love the girls' cards, very sweet!

Crystal said...

Precious. I am so grateful for the things that my parents pushed me to do, in particular, the things that I was afraid of failing at.

Morgan looks so cute with her braces =).

yong said...

It's great for Ryanne and anyone who need to change oneself. I appreciate so much, a little miracle girls. How wonderful girl you are! May be the best summer of this year before the school open.

multiplemayhem said...

Ok, the little boy with the blue shark swim trunks and dark blue long sleeved shirt who is sitting behind Raynne in the pic with her legs crossed on the bleachers is Eli. We were at the medal ceremony also. My kids were called first. I don't know if you remember but the girls would not go up so I had to go up and receive their medal. Then Eli was the first to stand on the podium. Small world huh? Our friendship was meant to be ;)