Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Friends had us over to decorate sugar cookies. Of course these we're gluten, dairy and dye free. Now maybe it's because I can't have the "real" thing or whatever but I swear these were the best cookies EVER! I think any home made cookie I can eat at this point is the BEST EVER!
Oh and in case nobody informed you of this, you must do your hair and dress like a princess to decorate cookies properly. :)

The kids had a blast and the moms and dad's ate them as fast as they were being frosted. :)
This was Graphs first time decorating cookies so she loved yesterday as well.

Had our annual Christmas dinner and kids gift exchange with our friends this week. Dan made his yummy chili, Marianne brought cornbread that scored major points and Ryanne got a little pop up tent that she has slept in for the last 3 nights. So fun!

Dan took a picture of our tree as it is already dying. Poor tree. You were a good tree. Thanks for the memories. Sorry we are going to have to chop you up like the day after Christmas as you have become a fire hazard. :)

It looks like Christmas threw up in our closet. This is what happens when you put off wrapping to long. *Sigh*

This is what happens when you ask your children to divide up the toilet paper to all three bathrooms and then "assume" they heard you correctly. I'm sure it was a mere misunderstanding and it sounded allot like,"Hey kids, could you please take all 12 rolls of toilet paper I just bought and make a tower in the guest bathroom? Thanks you kids are the best!"

Made home made goodies and delivered them door to door to our neighbors. So fun to visit and love on them.

Yummy warm gingerbread all ready to go. :)
Have a blessed day. I am lucky enough to get to sneak out on a date with Dan for a little while. Merry Christmas!


Yvonne said...

Will you post your recipe for sugar cookies?

Merry Christmas, Friend!

Crystal said...

The toilet paper tower. The toilet paper tower! Oh. my. gosh. I love it!

tharin said...

It's very funny about your toilet paper, they must transfer all data and reanalyse before did it ,great idea,i love it

littlecbsmom said...

I'm glad you have been enjoying such great times over the holidays! I too am a big fan of the toilet paper tower;)

AJ said...

beautiful post! merry xmas to you and your family :)

jo said...

merry christmas!!