Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun Family Christmas

Every year we get together with Dan's cousin's and their kiddos and have lunch, play games etc. This year Dan's sister in San Diego hosted and it was fun as usual. We line the generations up by height to see how everyone has grown. The twins are missing cause they were D-O-N-E and ready for bed. :)

This is funny cause Dan and I will always be at opposite ends of the line. I am pretty sure his sister is eye balling me in this photo. AWKWARD! :)

Our house on Christmas day was super fun. Even my nephew made it in from Indianapolis despite the crazy weather.

The kids were ready for dinner. Everything turned out delicious. Thank you everyone for your help. :)

My dad, Morgan and Blake.

I am pretty sure Graph has no idea what she will do with all the warm sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves she got for Christmas when she returns home but I keep telling her they will get plenty of use while she is here. Hence the 30 degrees we woke up to this morning. :)

Lots of Star Wars toys to go around. Gotta love our sweet Morgan!

Dan surprised me with this AWESOME bike that I saw at the bike store like back in July!! He had his mom video tape me when he brought it out. He thought I would jump up and down screaming but instead I started to cry and then he started to cry and everyone else thought we were crazy. Truth be told the tears were for many reasons. One, I am a big kid at heart and I realized in that moment that my husband gets that about me and cherishes that about me. The second reason is that I am healthy enough to ride bikes when less than two years ago I was to weak to walk around the mall or hardly dress myself on some days. It was just my cup overflowing. It's funny cause you know how on Christmas morning you can look out the window and see kids playing with their new skateboards, riding there new bikes or playing with their new soccer balls? Ya' I was the only adult tearing around the neighborhood on her new bright orange bike. YES!!!!

The girls

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas season with their families and friends. Happy New Year fellow bloggers!


Jolene Grace said...

What a wonderful celebration with your family! And I LOVED that you cried, and the reasons you did it. You are such a beautiful woman of God. I love you, friend!

Beth said...

What great memories. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day. Happy New Year to you as well :)

littlecbsmom said...

My eyes teared up reading that as well! What great memories and wonderful people that surround you! Way to go Dan....great gift!
Love all the pictures!

Jeff and Aimee said...

Love the bike and all the amazing sentiments that go with it. Happy New Year, friend!

Brigitte said...

Several things! First off Merry Christmas and of course Happy New year! Secondly, I believe his sister was eyeballing you too. Finally, I cried when I saw the bike too! Yeah! I am so glad to hear you can go out and enjoy that wonderful part of your nature again! Enjoy and come ride with me at the Beach sometime. :)

Crystal said...

Awe that brought tears to my eyes. So sweet. I love that you're happy and healthy and out riding a bright orange bike ;).

And btw, you and Ryanne will probably always be at the front of those lines.

Kacie Whigham said...

What a sweet, sweet hubby and a sweet, sweet story!

Eileen said...

I've been terrible about checking out the blogs and creating my own... but what a precious surprise when I opened up your newest. Happy New Year dear friend! And it looks like a wonderfully blessed Christmas you had with your loved ones! You are a treasure!

Happy Home Fairy said...

I am so happy for you and your new bike! I do pray that you are still riding around your neighborhood with a big grin on your face! :-) It sounds like that gift was so meaningful - a true display of the victory God has brought to your life... I love that your Happy Hubby expressed his love for you in that way too! A treasure to be supported by your best friend! Your Home is Happy, indeed!

Teresa said...

I cannot wait to show Bethany Morgan's SW presents!!! She had a SW Christmas herself :) Interactive R2D2 was her big gift :)