Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, January 10, 2011

Year Of Words

I have hesitated blogging about the "word" I have selected for the year because as I read all my friends posts on their words I wondered if my reveal would hold me to a level of accountability that might just make my year uncomfortable. LOL! I am not one for New Year's resolutions so when a friend ( I think it was you Susie) came up with the idea of having a "word" for the year I jumped on that idea. I mean how hard could a single word be right? you would think.

I have been praying about how God wants to grow me and use me this year and the thing is three words came to mind for the new year. Invest, encourage, inspire.

Invest in more time with God. In his word, in worship, in prayer. That way I can be filled with his strength, his love, his energy, his wisdom and grace. That I am hoping leads me to invest more time in the relationships that have been on my hear lately. Also, more energy to invest in the Married Life Ministry at church that Dan & I are involved in.

Encourage other women around me that are also trying to eat healthy and find a Godly balance in their lives when it comes to their marriages, kids, eating and health.

Allow my time with God to inspire me to move out of my comfort zone and into a place that lives for him on a daily basis without second guessing myself. Stepping out and praying for people when they are hurting and not thinking about it after the call ends or they walk away. Being inspired to act out my faith as apposed to only spending time thinking about it. Inspiring my girls to love others that may be difficult to love at times and also teaching them to act out when the Holy Spirit nudges them forward.



Angela @ HomegrownMom said...

Wonderful idea, and great words! I also want to step out more and pray immediately for people. Thank you for blessing me today :)

Jolene Grace said...

I got the idea for the single word from you a few years ago, and it is an idea still serving me well. GREAT words. I look forward to seeing how God uses your words in your life this year.

Brigitte said...

Did you put them up? I think my word this year is going to be content! Phil 4:13 -... I need that one this year. Great thinking. I think I will order it from Upper Case Living. By the way want a good read for your words? Try "Extraordinary" - Awesome book! Thanks for always giving me great ideas!

jo said...


Anonymous said...

invest encourage and inspire
are your year words so amazing, great, powerfull to me too.
you are so incredible super woman of the year, I believe.Wow!

littlecbsmom said...

Great words Christy! I am excited to see how and what God teaches you through this year with those.

You over acheiver you....having 3! I'm impressed;)

Oh and by the way....I got the idea from you too! I love it!

The Allen Family said...

Well, you're little one word resolution has inspired many! i too have joined in on the idea-and I know what you about feeling accountable! I know you're not on facebook-but I wanted you to know that I have started blogging I can keep up on all of the fun journeys of my girlfriends! :) Love ya!