Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Friday, September 23, 2011

Some Random Things and Senseless Babble....

I wanted to update my blog sooner but after a few water aerobics classes I couldn't lift my arms above my waist to type. I now have healed some and have them propped up! He, he, I crack me up! Seriously though the class is hard and good and hard and fun and did I say hard? This isn't your grandma's water class folks. Well, actually she may be in there but it's hard none the less.

This is pretty much something you can count on every Sunday afternoon around our house.
Nap time!! I'm not sure whats funnier, that Macy doesn't fit on the couch or that Dan doesn't either. :)

Then there is always the token kid who comes in for the daddy cuddle AKA "daddy sandwich" time. I'm thinking the look on Macy's face says it all.
"Seriously kid? we were just fine without you."
At this point Dan is awake, Morgan wants to play and Macy is getting annoyed and territorial over the little space she has left next to Dan.

So when all else fails you pin the kid to the chair.
"Say it Morgan! Say your not ever gonna take my spot on the couch again, say it!"

This isn't the greatest picture but I wanted you to see how tall Macy is compared to Ryanne. I'm not sure what Ryanne did to make Macy corner her but by the look in her eye they are having a heart to heart and Macy is winning. LOL!

When she's not cuddling on the couch or torturing the kids she often holds the wall up. See how helpful she is. Notice the missing dry wall? Yes that would be from her chasing her ball and sliding on the tile into the wall.

We have this hutch that Dan bought me when we first got married (almost 15 yrs. ago)
I have wanted to take the top off and paint it black and turn it into a buffet but Dan freaked at the very thought. So to give it a face lift I decided to just change the outdated knobs. I had been eyeballing these hand painted ceramic ones at World Market for some time but they are like $5 each and I needed 9.

I'm not trying to sound cheap but $45 for knobs? I'm trying to redo our bedroom too. So I waited until I got a coupon in the mail and got all 9 knobs for $30! It's a subtle change but will at least keep the black paint at bay until I can convince Dan.

I have a random confession.......I have been telling my friends, family and husband for years that I love change. I cannot for the life of me understand why people fear it I would say. Well, I went to Costco the other day and they quit carrying my organic peanut butter, my kids dried fruit snacks and something else I clearly have blocked out. Then I went to Trader Joe's and Target and they must have had a meeting because they flipped the layout of the stores at the same time. Really? I have no idea where anything is. To top it off I went to dinner with a friend the other night. We went to PF Chang's. Good, faithful never changing, reliable PF Chang's. When I ordered my iced tea I was informed it had changed. I just sat there looking at the waiter confused. "Changed? Why? I mean I loved that tea. Why would you change a perfectly good tea?" He kindly informed me that I would love the new tea and after under my breath noting that I probably would not love it I tried it. I went to order my favorite gluten free dish and uh huh you guessed it-changed! As if I was begging for punishment I decided to order my favorite more than faithful never changing or going "skinny jean" on me jeans on line. Needless to say they too had changed. Or my body did. But lets assume they did. I have a confession; I only like change when I am in control. For example I would love to change my scenery right this minute and be in Hawaii laying on the beach in my bikini with only fond memories of my trader pants skinny jeans! I'm OK really.

Lastly and I hope I don't offend but is it just me or is that extreme couponing a little strange? I mean when you buy 700 bottles of shampoo and 4,000 bottles of Tylenol and store it on shelves in your garage isn't it just another nice way of saying you are a hoarder? A neat, organized, money saving, ready for a major war to break out where you can never leave your house and it's on your shoulders and yours alone to feed the entire city for years kind of hoarder?
I'm just saying.


BC said...

Yep! That is my kind of change too - the I'm in control change - but this year has been anything but that for me so welcome to club! :)

Crystal Keilers said...

I want that dog! And you should totally, absolutely stain or paint that hutch. Tell Dan that color oak needs an update ;). Those knobs are super cute.

And I don't love change at all. I'm with you. But God seems to love what it does to my character (go figure).

littlecbsmom said...

Love all the Macy pictures.

I have never liked change, way too much of a control freak for that;) Sounds like a rough time you had!