Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Was Gonna Tell You.......

I was gonna post the last few weeks about random little things that have been going on. But then I never got to it.

I was gonna post about how Ryanne is three for three in destroying things. She snapped the lace on her KEEN'S she wears for P.E. She broke her bedroom door off it's hinges and snapped her towel holder off the bathroom wall. I was gonna post about it but I was too busy fixing everything. *sigh*

I was gonna blog about the second marriage retreat we just had in Mission Viejo. And how Jon Courson flew in for the week and shared his heart on marriage. How he kept emphasizing the verse in Matthew that says;"Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." And how ever since that retreat I hear that verse in my head and it puts everything in perspective. I was gonna blog about how that blessed me but I never got to it.

I was gonna blog about how the other day Dan & I were being super annoying in the car just to well, you know annoy our kids when Morgan says,"I knew it! I knew it! I'm a princess from a far away land who was dropped here in this family by accident!" I was gonna blog about how Dan has given her the nickname DQ short for drama queen but I was to busy trying not to laugh at her.

I was gonna blog about how when Dan & I called home to check on the girls one evening (my mom was watching them) and Morgan answered the phone I asked her what she was doing. And I quote,"I'm watching Grandma clean up the blood pouring from Ryanne." I was gonna blog about that but we were to busy being glad we were on our way out to dinner with friends.

I was gonna blog about how after Dan helped me organize our closet I got tunnel vision and wanted to re do our room. I was gonna tell you how I got the inspiration from fellow blogger Krista and how I loved the tranquil blue she painted her room. I was gonna tell you how I missed the fact that she only used the blue as an accent wall and so I painted my entire bedroom that color. And how the first night in bed when I asked Dan if he liked the color he said and I quote,"I feel like I am under water and should hold my breath." I was gonna blog about that but I was to busy trying to make my very blue room look nice.

I was gonna blog about how I lost yet another cell phone. Yes that is 3 in one year. And how lucky I am that we had an old one in a kitchen drawer because my contract is nowhere near up. I was gonna admit that I may have left it on the bumper of my car AGAIN and driven away never to see it again. Ya' I was gonna blog about that but I was to busy driving around looking for my phone and trying to decide how to tell Dan I lost yet another phone.

I was gonna blog about the fact that I outsmarted Macy (our dog) and for $4 put a lock on our trash can so she couldn't get into it anymore. And how proud of myself I was. I was gonna tell you how it made my dog so mad that she went and chewed on one of the girls shoes, snagged a piece of bread off a plate at the dinner table, tried to eat the cat and then found a wooden sign I had with the word HOPE on it and chewed it up. I was gonna blog all about that but now I have no hope so it was to difficult.

I was gonna blog about how I accidentally sent my dad a text message asking for a massage. It was meant for my husband. You see Dan & Dad are really close in my phone directory. I was gonna blog about it but I was to busy trying to get the red out of my face.

I was gonna blog about how Ryanne cut her hair right up the middle, got caught in the restroom at Morgan's piano class with her pants down spraying an entire can of air freshener and told me I was lame when I sent her to her room. I was gonna tell you guys all about it but I'm to busy trying to figure out how to raise her without killing her or medicating myself.

I was gonna tell you our friend Jess is doing a family photo shoot of us tonight and that I am so afraid for her. I mean I don't care what a good photographer you are; making us all 4 look good at the SAME time might take more than a good camera and some talent. I'm afraid. Very, very afraid. I was gonna tell you all about the photo shoot but I am to busy trying to decide what we should all wear so we don't look lame.

I was gonna tell you how last night I was SUPER hormonal and so when the kids went to bed (Dan was at work) I got a glass of milk, (rice milk of course) and about 8.....Okay 10 cookies and sat and ate every last one. And you know what? I didn't feel bad at all. I was gonna tell you all about it but then I felt sick afterwards.

Sorry. I was gonna tell you guys all this stuff I just don't have time. LOL!


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness... you crack me up! I was laughing out loud just now.

It was so much fun to do your photos tonight, they turned out great! You guys were a breeze to photograph! I can't wait to get them too you :) Thanks for all your Ryanne stories, they make me feel just a tad better about Ethan ;)

The Writer said...

Loved it - one of these days I just know you are gonna call me when you are down her crusin' around in the OC!! I just know it. :) Keep 'em coming.

Rhonda said...

LOVED this post!!!
And I'm sure you had nothing to be worried about for your pictures. You were in good hands.
I can't wait to see them ! :)

Crystal Keilers said...

Glad you finally got around to telling us ;). So cute.

And I just saw your closet post. AMAZING! I will do a similar post because my closet is out of control (but it's a shoe box), I hate the way they laid it out when they built the apartments. It's not at all logical.

Where did you get that square cubby organizer? with the bins

Christy said...

Crystal, We got them at home depot. Martha Stewart has all kinds of cool stuff there now.

krista said...

Loved every bit of this...and glad you told us :) You had me laughing a few times! What a life...crazy and busy and chaotic but so blessed in the midst of it all- I love it. Can't wait to see your pictures. Jess works some great magic and you have a beautiful family to start with so you will have some keepers ;)

Jeff and Aimee said...

I was going to tell you how hilarious I found this post, but I was laughing too hard to see the keyboard. ;)