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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some Favorite Things Of 2012

I LOVE when people post about web sites or products they use and love. It's fun to see what is out there and to try new things. Here are a few of my favorite things I enjoy:

I love this daily face wash from Trader Joe's because it's easy on the skin and I can use it daily without it tearing up my face. The little bottle of oil next to it is from World Market. They have all different scents and they work in the tub or the shower. If you are taking a bath you just add a couple drops and soak away; if using it in the shower you just squirt two or three drops in your hand and smooth over skin before toweling off. The oil can be a bit pricy at $13 a bottle but a little goes a long way. The soap is an all natural oatmeal soap from the web site
I have started shopping on line at to save money and trips to places like Target where I go in to get shampoo, soap, toothpaste etc. and come out spending way over a $100. *sigh* This web site allows you to shop from home (I even by all natural laundry soap from them) they deliver in about 5 days, and the best part? Shipping is always free. Plus they track your items like toilet paper, napkins, soap etc. and send you reminders to restock.

Am loving this daily face moisturizer with sunscreen from Trader Joe's.........
My mom and I were shopping at Anthropology last summer and found this yummy lotion. It has a shower gel to go with it. We fell in love and my mom was kind enough to restock my supply for Christmas. :)
This to is a great deal at If you or your kids have dry winter skin just pour this into a warm bath and soak away. I foo-foo mine up by adding a few drops of lavender oil. It makes your skin so soft. I think I started using this on Morgan when she was like 1.

OK now for the fun girly stuff. I found this web site called where you go and sign up to pay $10 a month and each month you get a little present in the mail. It comes looking like this............butttttttt wait for it............
You open it to pretty, girly, fun size samples. I love to try new things but I hate buying something full size to find it's not for me. I also love getting presents in the mail so for $10 I get just that.

This month it was a sample of granola, a new nail polish color, some face cream, some anti aging serum and a Juicy perfume sample. I am looking forward to trying all my new goodies out. It's fun to go to the mail box and anticipate something each month. If you like the items and you order them through their web site you get points and free stuff etc. You can cancel any month and there is no contract. I doubt I will ever order $145 face cream but the nail polish or perfume I just might. :) Check it out when you get a chance.

Have a great night and I look forward to reading your blogs on all your favorite things. :)


Jessica said...

Wow, so many fun things! I feel so boring ;-) I'll have to go search around my house for a few favorite things. I think it's been far too long since I tried something new.

Oh and thanks for the health advice! I went to the dr today and it turns out I have Strep... So fun.

Crystal Keilers said...

I've been wanting to do a products review. I love them too. You've inspired me!

krista said...

Oooooh FUN! I like this post :)
I need a new face lotion- I will have to try the TJ lotion!
And the Aveeno is a great girly girls both have eczema and this would be great for bathtime!
And the birchbox...SO COOL!

krista said...

Looks like birchbox is popular- just went to check it out and they are all sold out! Such a great idea though (one of those that I wish I had come up with- ha!) :)