Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1 Question Only...

Morgan: "Mom, if Jesus said you could ask him one question and one only, what would you ask him?"
Me: "One question? I  mean I would have a hard time committing to just one. Do you think he would give me two or three? Four would really be best."
Morgan: *Sigh* "No mom, only one. Anything you want but one question only."
Me: "Morgan, you know I have issues. Surely after all the years God has known me he would expect more than one."
Morgan: "Really? Can you not just answer the question?"
Me: "What would you ask him?"
Morgan: "I would ask him when he is coming back so I make sure I am sharing his love with everyone so more people can go to heaven."
Me: "Hmmm......that's a pretty good one. OK one? One question? I feel pressured. Do I feel warm to you? I feel like the walls are closing in."
Morgan: "Seriously? We're in the car! Question! One question! What would you ask?"
Me: "I would ask him if I am where he wants me. Literally. Am I physically where he wants me at this moment in my life?"

Flash forward 24 hours and we are listening to Brant on Air1. He is sharing about how sometimes people find it stressful that they are in transition and freaked out that they aren't doing what God wants or even where he wants them. Transition in relationships, jobs, work, homes, schools etc. Then he said,"Maybe God wants you to be in that "transition" for a reason. To learn something there.

Morgan looked at me and said,"Hey mom, that's just what we were talking about and kinda what we are going through right now!"

Yes sweet girl it is. Thank you for picking my brain with your thoughtful questions and to Brant on Air 1 for saying it like it is and obviously it was no coincidence that I got to be part of that conversation with my daughter and blessed enough to hear Brant. 
We often learn the most in life's trtransitions; even it's just learning how to NOT pull our hair out. Ha!


Jessica said...

sweet girl indeed :)

BC said...

Oh I have so been there! My entire life trip down here is transition 101! Now, with all the new "stuff" I think I might have progressed to transition 201. But good to know God is intending for all this education! Love the post. Thanks.

Tammy said...

Life is constantly changing. Seriously, who isn't in transition? Great reminder though that when God wants us to be doing something, he'll get us there in his time and his way. A daily reminder I must give myself!