Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy First Day Of Fall!I

I am so excited that it is the first day of Fall. Not so excited that it is still blazing hot here; but alas I know the cool weather will come as will the color changing trees and pumpkins around the house. So we wait. ;) We are on week three of our Vegan adventure and it has been filled with lots of pain free days for me which is super exciting. It has also been filled with baked pumpkin oatmeal and blueberry pancakes for breakfasts. Vegan pizza with the most AMAZING pesto sauce. EEEKK! I get excited just talking about it. Also, some no bake coconut peanut butter balls. These recipes are courtesy of Chocolate covered Katie who is listed on my blog and the Forks Over Knives Cookbook that I downloaded on my ipad. YUM!

We had the privilege of having the cousins up from San Diego for the night before they borrowed our motor home and headed out for a week long vacation. It was sheer madness here with 4 adults, 4 kids, 3 dogs and 2 cats. But if you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know by now that I thrive on craziness. 

I figured out how you can totally make yourself feel old. You see, when Dan and I were first engaged and married we led the youth group at our church. We LOVED these kids that came every Wed. night. Flash forward almost 16 years later and I am dropping my daughter off to babysit for one of our old youth groupers own kids. I drove away thinking,"Oh please God stop this growing up thingy you are doing to my daughters." It's just to heard, and to great and to hard. *sigh* As I was driving to drop her off I was telling her all the things I always tell my girls; "leave a place better than you found it. Do the right thing. Call me if you need me. Be a light." Morgan came home so excited and so just proud of herself for earning money independent of her parents. She has been asking to work since she was like 9 ha! I love you sweet girl. You make daddy and I proud of the girl of God you are becoming.

Macy's 2nd birthday is coming on October 15th and yes there will be a photo tribute to her here on this very blog. Here is little teaser on what you will be missing if you don't keep tuning in. I mean come on! Look at that face.           

On a more serious note I would love to ask you to pray. My friend just found out her dad has cancer and if you could remember to pray for Ray L. we would be so grateful. This is a man who loves the Lord and has impacted our lives in a very sweet way. The girls used to go to a private school (before we decided to home school) and Ray is the principal there. He always made us feel welcomed and loved even when we decided to step out in faith and home school. He encouraged us and only had kind words when we left.

Since we are talking about people who have cancer, if you could pray for another man of God who we dearly love named Sid. He too has cancer and we pray for him daily. We would love it if others would join us in asking God to heal our two friends and to be praying for there families as well.


Jessica said...

Ahhh, if it makes you feel any better, having Morgan babysit also made ME feel old :) Being that it seems like just yesterday she was a cute chubby little baby :) hehe. How come they have to grow up so fast!!! She is such a dear... I'm so happy that she can watch my kiddos so I can get some work done! Pretty soon we'll be having her over so we can go out on date nights :)

Glad you are feeling better :) If vegan eating helps then I'm sure it's well worth it!

Thanks for the prayers for Sid friend! And we too have heavy hearts for Ray. Praying for him as well.

krista said...

So awesome that you have had some good days from diet changes. YAY for that!
We have heavy hearts for Ray & Sid too. So hard. Thankful that we serve a big God but so sad for their families right now.
And Happy-almost-birthday Macy :)

Meghan said...

Thank you for your encouraging words on my post! They mean so much to me. Glad to have found you and your blog. :)

Meghan said...

Thank you for your encouraging words on my post! They mean so much to me. Glad to have found you and your blog. :)

Erica Young said...

So glad to hear that your diet changes is helping you become pain free. I'm sure switching over to vegan wasn't the easiest but if its helping keep doing it :) ur doggy is so cute!