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Thursday, May 2, 2013


We got to go to three different countries in the Western Caribbean Cozumel being our first stop. The funny thing about this sign is that it says,"stay on ship time." With the time change in the states and then the time change down there I never knew what time it was. It became this big joke that when someone in our group would ask what time we needed to be somewhere they would ask me AND then ask someone who really knew. I missed so many things on the ship I wanted to do because I never knew what the right time was. Hmph....oh well, that's what vacation is for right?

Two ships in port that day made you feel pretty small......I love everything about being on a ship. The water, the air the amazing fact that you can hop on a boat and be days away from land seeing amazing things like flying fish, whales, dolphins, stranded Carnival ships....kidding! I asked Dan what he thought I had to do to get them to let me drive this thing. I think I want to be a sailor when I grow up. ;)

This is the last time you will see the Mariner of The Seas....she dumped us in Texas and was headed for Asia for a LONG time.

Sometimes we jump on the band wagon and do shore excursions and sometimes we throw caution to the wind and go out on our own....we're loco like that. This time we ended up doing the dune buggy snorkel excursion. This was my very favorite day of the trip. It was 86 degrees with 87% humidity and the water was in the 80's as well. Dan said it's all my Mexican/Greek blood but I just loved the place!

Girls loaded up and ready for our adventure! They are so easy. We tell them we are gonna try something and they are like,"cool." After being in the dune buggy all day Morgan had the cutest curly fro...she said if I posted an after picture she'd kill me. Yes I'm afraid of her.....HELLOOO pre-teen people!!

Cozumel is roughly 28 miles long and 9 miles wide so heading around it in a day is super easy. Lots of great snorkeling along the way. See below.

My mom took this after we went snorkeling. OH MY GOSH! We saw lobster as big as Ryanne. DINNER! Sting ray, a HUGE family of Red Snapper and just to many cool colored fish to count. Ryanne was cool till' she heard Red Snapper; she climbed my face and tried to drown me. Dan asked me why I can't just be normal in pictures? Ummmmm....

Don't care what language you say it in I am not going in there. Hey I respect boundaries. Especially if the boundaries mean getting my arm bit off. ;)

We stopped at this little place right on the water for lunch.....authentic Mexican food AND........

"SWINGS IN THE RESTAURANT MOM! We soooo need to move!"

This is a beautiful working light house that we climbed to the top of. There was this cute little sign near the top that said,"watch your head." Uh-huh, I got so excited about nearing the top I did what any grown adult would do and jumped up with excitement. Theeeeennnn I saw the WATCH YOUR HEAD SIGN. Let's just say people could hear me from all over and leave it at that. I'm pretty sure I heard laughter.

The 100+ stairs (I quit counting after a 100) was well worth the climb wouldn't you agree? Breathing taking really.

Mom just leave me here. Next stop Grand Cayman and swimming with sting rays. Swimming with, running from its all the same really.

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Jessica said...

Fun! I love snorkeling. That was my favorite part about Hawaii, snorkeling every single day! I've never seen a lobster though, that's fun. Dinner :)

My kids would be in heaven with swings at a restaurantQ!