Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


What I've been praying about: A missions trip to Belize. When we were in the Grand Canyon I had many hours alone in the car with no radio, no cellphone nobody to talk to...just quiet. It had been on my heart previous to the trip to the Grand Canyon to go to Belize. To go serve. I wanted to make sure I wasn't just antsy or bored with life. That I wasn't being impulsive or careless and just wanting to go on an adventure. So I prayed that if this was from God and He wanted me to go that he would confirm what was going on in my heart and place a missions trip to Belize in the church bulletin the first Sunday we were back in town. You guessed it, that is exactly what was at the very top of our church bulletin the very first Sunday we were back. Ephesians 3:20 talks about God being able to do far more than we ask or even are able to think to ask...doesn't that just blow your mind when you really sit and think about it? I am super excited to be taking the steps to go to Belize in October. If you think about it could you be praying over me as well?

What I've been growing: Tomatoes. I don't like tomatoes but I do like homemade salsa and pasta sauce.

What Ryanne has been up to: Crafts, and art and bubbles always! She started taking art classes every week at our house and so I will have to post some of her drawings soon.
What we've been doing outside: We had this empty boring space outside our bedroom sliding door. We used to joke about putting a jacuzzi out there so we could sneak out at night when the the kids were asleep ha! Instead we bought hammock, hung some wind chimes in the tree and planted some jasmine along the wall. Then I remembered we had some huge concrete slabs in the back of our property just sitting there so we hauled them around and the kids and I painted them a shimmery green. Ta-da! I nice little sanctuary to rest in the shade on a hot summers day. I can't wait until the jasmine starts to climb and cover the wall.
What I've been reading: I started this book after my friend Lisa told me about it. I read a few pages every morning after I am done doing my quiet time. It is so great! The author really challenges you throughout the book to step back and decide what does it mean to be a Christian. Mostly just things we take for granted as believers. If Jesus has called us to follow Him what does that look like in a physical sense and are we willing to be fishers of men? A superficial approach to Christianity always results in a spectator mentality in the church.-David Platt    Everyone who follows Jesus biblically will fish for men globally.-David Platt      Spreading the gospel is the natural overflow, not of a religion we adhere to called Christianity, but of a relationship we have with Christ.-David Platt  I also love this book because he always references everything with scripture. This is not his opinion but instead what Jesus is commanding us to do as followers. I promise if you pick this book up you will be challenged in your faith. I love that!
What Morgan has been doing: Our crazy dance child is in the middle of rehearsing for the Sleeping Beauty ballet and also an all over show where she will dance with her hip-hop, tap, lyrical, and jazz classes. She found out yesterday she got a trio spot on the competitive dance team for next year. She's pretty excited.

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Janette McLaughlin said...

Thank you for sharing all that God is doing in your life. I am so excited to witness all he has in store for you this year and your mission trip. Love you dear friend.