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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Vacation Photos...

I'm done rigging my car so I can drive; think towels, duct tape and pillows ha! So now I've got nothing but time which means I have no excuse for not getting some of our vacation photos up that I've been promising our family.

We took this amazing trip about 3 miles into the swamps of Louisiana and I'm telling you it was beautiful! I mean we love the South so we might be bias but I want to live down there.

This was the walk from our house we rented in Florida to the water...

You expect to see a lot of things when in the swamps; alligators, snapping turtles, poisonous snakes, huge spiders...but a puppy? Not so much. This little guy had escaped a yard somewhere in the Bayou and fallen into the swamp. We found him up to his neck in thick mud and water. It was just in time as he would have either drown or become somebodies lunch real quick. As you can see he was VERY grateful. Kisses were handed out all around.

Daddy and Ryanne were kayak buddies...

Morgan, Paul and Ryanne enjoying the evening on the beach...

We heart Cape San Blas!!!

Looking up at the light house....

The kids all got along great and the best part of the trip was just watching them play, belly laugh out loud and explore new places.

My favorite picture of the entire trip!

We love so many things about the's hard to pick just one. I will post more pictures in the next day or two. You will be on photo over load! :)


John Heflin said...

You are learning why we moved south and love it so much.
Your pictures are great; and reflect your obvious good time was had by all.
Looking forward to more.
Hope you are feeling as good as could be expected ; or better !!!

Jeff and Aimee said...

Hey Christy--I just caught up on the last year or so of your blog. (I've only put up one post on my own blog in the past year, so I'm hardly ever here.) It's really great to see what's going on with your precious family. I'm so sorry about your leg. :( The way you handle things with such grace is always an inspiration. :) I miss you!--Aimee