Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Be still my heart

Morgan had her school performance last night and can I just say (even though I am bias) that she looked like a winter princees! I mean she took my breath away. Now please dont misunderstand me; Morgan loves to look like a girl but it didnt stop her from wrestling around with the boys and running and skipping up the chapel stairs in her fancy shoes! ;) That's my girl. Beautiful & tough on the outside but all heart on the inside. Matea & Morgan met in her the pre-k class and have been together ever since. Very cute!
Morgan, daddy & mommy haning' in the lobby before the music began.
Morgan's great auntie went as well as her great grandma who I realized after we had left I didn't get any photos of her with Morgan. Ooppss! Sorry grandma. She LOVED that you were there though.
This is Adam. We carpool with his family. You can totally see Morgan all giggely and girly while Adam is trying to move away like please end this nightmare. Dan picks on him constantly. He says that the dimples are too darn cute and he wants to keep him close so that Morgan doesn't ever get any ideas. ;)
This is Crystal, Ryanne, Emma & Sara. (Adam & Carson's sisters) this is what you do when you are waiting for an hour for the program to start. Why does Ryanne always look onry? ugh!
The kids program was amazing. The music teachers are so talented. I would close my eyes and forget that it was kids singing and playing becuase it was so professional sounding at times. It reminded me that kids have this whole season down. They are sooo excited and full of life. They are able to believe in miracles without being doubtful & they are happy to live each moment of each day. It really doesnt matter who got what gift or how much it cost. It doesnt matter if I have the exact right menu on the table for everyone for Christmas morning. If I don't bake that extra batch of cookies, buy that one last gift, go to that one last party or whatever it doesnt matter. It matters that I stop long enough to breath in my kids, enjoy my husband and be thankful that my God sent his son & that's why I am here and that's why I am celebrating. So Merry Christmas to you for all the "right" reasons.


Jessica said...

Okay, so I just want to pinch Adam's cheeks... it was the same way with Carson, those kids are just so stinkin' cute. Morgan does look like a princess :) That's the first RCS Christmas program I haven't been in in 4 years.

5KidMom said...

Amen, Friend!!!