Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years 2008

As the new year quickly approaches I start to dread the question everyone seems to ask; "what is your New Year's resolution?" I don't know why but I hate New Year's resolutions. Maybe its becuase I have broken way to many to count in the past, or becuase it seems that people always pick these huge often unattainable things only to set themselves up for failure. And have you noticed how the media plays on this? The 24 fitness commercials are in full force and right behind them are the Weight Watchers people making new years promises. Crazy really. I mean why can't we resolve to make changes all year? Why is it that I need the clock to strike mid- night on the 31st of every year to get things done around the house or to write that letter or to get back on the tredmill or to eat better. hhmmmm............ok so here's the deal to boycott the resolution thing I started working out, eating better and organizing drawers 4 days ago! He,heeee.........ya' I know what your thinking, I need therapy right? Isn't that what Blogging is? Free therapy! Really I do have lots of hopes and dreams for the new year but mainly it comes down to living life to the fullest I possibly can and to embrace the things God has for me whether they be easy, hard or somewhere in between. In the midst of all that to be content and filled with Gods thirst quenching joy and then to pass that on and bless someone and be blessed would be icing on the cake. :) A safe and Happy New Year to you and yours!!


Jessica said...

haha, so I guess you did write about how much you hate resolutions. I like to have goals to work towards, I'm just that kind of person... and while I know I won't stick to every single one of them, there are a few (reading the Bible, getting back into shape) that I fully intend on keeping. The idea is for them to become habits. I always try to enjoy each day to the fullest, that's a given :) I just also like having something specific to work towards.

Oh, and you can have my five pounds no problem! Where is your weight going? I guess it's harder to pig out when you eat mostly healthy foods.

christy p said...

Hey YOU! Happy 2008! I hate resolutions too. I do, however, hope that I will become healthier.

In addition, I TOTALLY think that blogging is like therapy!

5KidMom said...

You, Rebel, you!!!! I'm sick of the commercials too, though. Can they just give it a rest, for goodness sake??? It is January 18!!!