Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 2

Day 2 of our busy week is Christmas morning. Below is a picture of how you know you are doing to many things at once. Seriously I am sooo thankful this child is as old as she is and not freaked out by water or the tub. Becuase I started her a bath, started breakfast, a load of laundry, wrapping up a last gift, putting stuff away, helping Morgan get dressed etc. In the meantime she jumped in and never bothered to call me when the tub started to overflow. Yup, they will call to tell me there is a piece of fuzz on the carpet, a fly on the wall, a commercial I have never seen, or that on them is giving the other dirty looks but to tell me water is flodding everywhere? No I guess not. She was leterally doing laps. ahh.....good times. Luckily Dan thought it was funny (because I was the one having to clean it up) and he grabbed the camera for proof that I get a wee bit distracted at times. :) Here is a shot of family & friends eating Christmas lunch at our house.
Grandpa Ron and the girls with the weapons he bought them. Just a side note; I was lecturing the girls about not pointing guns at anyones faces (even if they were nerf dart guns) and the next thing I know Dan shoots me in the back so being the responsible example adult I yup you guessed it shot him in the neck. Did I mention that Dan & I ran out and bought 2 more of these so we would be armed against our children? I know, not stable and yes therpay for the girls will be outragous!
Morgan makes me a book every year. This year was the best becuase it was called "Everything Christmas" and it was about everything that is important to her at Christmas. First page, a picture of Jesus being born. Ya' she scored major points once again. She also picked out the scarf for me that I am wearing. Dont laugh its like 28 degrees here when we leave for school in the winter.
Ryanne got a baby and stroller and was so excited. She didnt even ask who it was for, she just ran over and grabbed it and said,"this is for me huh mamma?" She loved it! You cant see in the picture but we ot Morgan this really nice swim bag with her name on it and filled it with swim stuff. New cap, goggles, race suit, flip flops, towel, etc. Very fun!


Jessica said...

I could totally see me doing that with the bath water... that cracks me up. That's what happens when you try to do 10 things at once. I always start something, and then try to also do 2 other things at the same time... it usually doesn't turn out great, haha.

Rhonda said...

Ok that is funny. You can tell Ryanne is loving having soooo much bath water. I have to say I have never flooded the bath, but I did flood the shower when I was a kid - when my brother, cousin and I stopped up the drain and got in in our bathing suits, hoping to make it deep enough to swim.
You did have a busy week, but it sounds like you had fun in your business.

5KidMom said...

Is that Jason and Ruth in your "Christmas Lunch" photo? I haven't seen them in FOREVER!!!

The bath is great! Justin and Grace love to take baths in our bathroom because it has a BIG soaking tub. It's like an inside pool for them. 8^)