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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Firefighters Christmas Party

We had our firefighters party this weekend which always turns out to be soooooo much fun. It was in the ball room at some hotel this year so we all got dressed up and tried to act like the mature adults that we are. ;) I know you cant really tell in the photo below but I have make-up on. Yes, for those that have known me forever it is near a miracle. I am a little ashamed to admit this but I went to a make up counter 2 weeks ago and asked the girl who by the way looked twelve which added to by embarassment to show me how to put make up on. I was a little concerned that when she was done strange men on the street were going to offer to pay me for favors so I washed it off as soon as I could. I did however by an eyeliner pencil and a couple other things that are supposed to do what I dont know and started practicing. The first couple tries; not so good but I got the hang of it a did wear make up to the party. Now today my face is all dry and "yuck" so I am going back to my theory that make up is WAY over rated. But for the record I did try. :) We picked up our friends along the way and a little history here is that Dan & Ralph go waaaayyyyyy back. Ralph is Dans old captain who helped him study and get ready for his test this time exactly last year. We have become friends the four of us and so when we get together we all tease Ralph that he is WAY to up tight! But take off the captain hat, give him a couple of beers and.....................................
Ya' really enough said!
We cant decide what is worse; the fact that Ralph is smooching on Dan or that Mindy is trying to pretend it's not really happening! :) Dan saw that I was posted this photo and wanted me to add a disclaimer. Dan in NO WAY condoned or enjoyed this in any way. He does not believe this is appropriate behavior on or off the job. ;)
I started to feel jelous and like all my efforts to wear make up and look grown up were all for nothing! You can take those guys out of the firestation & dress them up but you CANNOT make them behave! We had SO much fun. Thanks for the memories SB City!
If you want to see the video they showed of our guys hard at work for the year go to you tube and look up San Bernardino City Fire.


christy p said...

You look like you had a BLAST. You looked absolutely beautiful. :) But you ALWAYS do.

Yvonne said... enjoyed that way too much!!!

Jessica said...

Dan's face looks pretty darn happy to me, I think he enjoyed it :) You guys look great, glad you had fun :) Makeup isn't that bad, and you did a great job with it, don't throw it away!

DonnaG said...

Oh my gosh, I so know what you mean about not being able to take them out of the fire station and make them behave. I have seen much of that in our years with the FD. You looked beautiful!

Rhonda said...

You looked FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...
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