Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Preacher man

When I have to stand on the seat with my head hanging out of the sunroof and dirve with my toes I know it is time to get my car washed. Yes very dangerous, illegal but oh how the people get out of your way. With that said Ryanne & I headed to the car wash the other afternoon. We give them our car, pay and with a three year old, bottled water and enough snacks to occupy an army we settle in on our bench.

To my left an older man with his newspaper.

To my right, an older man just sitting there. We will call him preacher man.

preacher man to newspaper man; "I just drove all night from Louisianna."

newpaper man; "what freeway did you take?"

preacher man; "the ten most of the way I think."

newpaper man; "why wouldnt you take the 10 to the 210?" why the 10 the whole way?

preacher man; "ummmmm, I dont really remember much of the drive to be truthful, it might have been the 210."

Newspaper man clearly satisfied with the conversation gets up and walks away. I look over at the nice visitor from out of town and politely comment and how hard that must have been to drive so far all by himself.

Preacher man; "I just took a job in Riverside pastoring a church. I was here for a week when my 38 year old daughter got a random blood clot in her heart and went to be with the Lord."

Christy; "I am so sorry, this must be a very diffecult time for you and your family."

preacher man; "yes, she left a husband and two children."

We talked a little more and then as he was leaving to get his car I wished him all the best at his new church. Clearly dis-sheveled from his journey, being in a new town not knowing to many people and also the fact that he had just gone to his babies funeral he looked back and mustered up a smile and wave to me.

Confession time. the thing I hate most about myself is that I think of things to say or do way after the fact. Now when someone has crossed the line or made me very angry that can be a blessing. But I pray constantly that I would step out, talk to people and offer them the comfort that I know my Lord offers. After "preacher man" left I felt the tug of the holy spirit say,"why didnt you tell him you would pray for him?" So the last few nights I have been faithful in praying for his family and asking that God would wash over him a peace that surpasses all understanding and though he may not remember the akward girl from the car wash I pray he senses someone praying for him. I desire to be more obedient in reaching out to people when they are hurting and not just to write about it in my journal after the fact.


Rhonda said...

Wow. I will join you in praying for preacher man and his family.

Kathy said...

So sweet. I think people can sense when someone truly empathizes with their situation...even if he doesn't know you're praying for him, I'm felt your intentions. Really sad though.

christy p said...

You are such an amazing woman, Christy. I will pray too.

Anonymous said...

Whether you mentioned it or not to him is irrelevant, it's the actual praying that makes you a great person. So many people say "I will keep you in my prayers" and they never do, or they forget. Maybe you helped him just by talking to him and listening to him. But to actually pray for him is a lovely thing.

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