Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crazy Week

Hello from the crazy house! Well, at least that is what it feels like this week. We have been going non-stop and the weekend shows no signs of relief. For those of you who have been praying for Dan I have an update and prayer request. But first I will catch those of you up who don't know what I am talking about.
A few months ago I noticed a lump (rather large) on the back of Dan's head at the base of his skull. He casually mentioned that he had found it nine months earlier but ignored it and now it was three times the size. Ahhhhh, gotta' love fireman or is it just men in general? Anways, a freak out moment from the wife and a few Dr. visits later we had an MRI done and it looks to just be a fatty tumor that is not attached to any nerves or anything. This Friday he will go into the hospital to have it removed. The Dr. seems to think that it will all be smooth and we should be home that night. The Dr. wants him to take 2 weeks off but Dan is already trying to talk him out of that amount of time. Again, lovin' the fireman; they are the WORST patients! ;) I have my mother-in-law coming in to help me out this weekend and watch the girls Friday. Then while Dan is resting Saturday Morgan has to be at her school for her Holland festival and her class performance. I will try to catch my breath sometime Sunday night and update you all. Thanks again for the e-mails and prayers this past week.


Jessica said...

We'll be praying for Dan. Firemen make the worst patients just like teachers make the worst students... haha. Hopefully we'll be at the Holland Festival on Saturday if the babe is well enough. Perhaps we'll see you there :) It's the first year in a while I don't have to work at it, I can just go enjoy! We have GOT to get together... maybe next week?

Yvonne said...

So...I was praying for you all and Dan specifically while I was in the bubble bath this morning eating a brown rice cake with peanut butter. I love that we can go to Jesus anytime anywhere...didn't mean to be so detailed...How is Dan doing? How are you?

DonnaG said...

Totally will be praying for you. I have a feeling that my husband would argue about the rest part of the recovery.

Love ya all.