Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Riddle For You..........

Ok so heres a little riddle for you; what do you get when you have a suitcase........Two darling little girls (oh don't let their faces fool you)................
And a poor unsuspecting cat?

Welllllll...........if you live at my house it goes something like this;

I am on the phone trying to talk to my husband when I hear some comotion coming from the bedrooms. I think nothing of it because there is no crying and fighting and so pretty much I don't care. Then as I am wrapping up my conversation the two girls come running down the hall with cat hair flying all around them. I'm not talking small amounts of hair here people. It looked like they had thrown him through the ceiling fan. I tell my husband we have a problem and that I have to hang up. Mr. "I'm on a 72 with grown ups" reminds me to be patient, kind and loving to the babes. I think I yell."ya' right!" and hang up. I finally get the story from the oldest (the honest one FYI) about how they had been putting the cat in the suitcase for rides and they were "just trying to catch him again mommy."


Morgan says,"now let me take your picture mommy."

"uuhhhh, mommy aren't you going to smile bigger?"

On a much lighter note. I took leslies challenge about finding out what others thought you were passionate about. I sent out an e-mail to different family and friends who knew me on all different levels and in different areas of my life and trust me when I tell you I held my breath. I was thinking of all the things I do and say and reflect and wondering,"what do people really think I love?" So I got a few back. Thanks to all those of you who were honest and brave enough to get back to me. And shame on those of you who were to chicken. ;) Most people after getting my e-mail wanted me to write back and do the same for them so I enjoyed returning the favor or helping someone look at their prioritys and what I saw as important to them. Thats really what I thought the exercise was all about. Thanks for making me think that through Leslie.

Here are just a few of the answers I got.

My husband- chocolate for sure! Writing. family. God. he then added that I am all about healthy friendships and not blowing smoke up peoples butts. I care to much about being honest and loving those people. He asked me not to post the "blowing smoke up peoples butts" part. Seriosly thats my favorite part. :)

Jessica-making my husband and kids feel special with things I plan for them. Making my marriage strong and vibrant by planning date nights and weekend get aways. Quiet time with my God and faithfully praying for others. Creating memories for our family by taking frequent vacations. Spending time with all sorts of different friends. Serving at my daughters school.

Heather-serving others, helping others in need.

Christy P.-being outdoors. my family and marriage. Organic foods

Rhonda-my marriage. my kids. Seeing others honor God in their marriages. Healthy living and eating. Being a good friend.

Marianne- flip flops, bags and the pursuit of the best brownie in the world!

Thanks for all the input! Love you!


Kathy said...

Not bad things to be passionate about...would you say they were pretty accurate??

And I love the cat story...can totally see my girls up to the same games. Poor kitty.

Cute picture though! At least something good came of the whole thing. :)

Yvonne said...

I agree with your friends. love Jesus and are passionate about Him. You are passionate to live for Him and shine Him and overflow Him to all around you....and everything else, everyone said. I love you.

I am not sure what the questions were...but feel free to email them to me... I would love your thoughts.

Faithy said...

I did mean to sned you back the passionate thing, excuses are lame :) I'm loving the cat saga. It totally sounds like something my kids would do. We need to get together and play, or do breakfast.

Leslie said...

love your passionate things... and the cat.. poor poor cat..

he's alive though ain't he.... :)

christy p said...

Oh My Gosh...I guess I have not visited in a few days! Just so you know....your kitty looks JUST LIKE our cat. The one who got his tail chopped off by Emily! look beautiful in the photo the girls took!