Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, April 12, 2008

To see what I HATE look below!

I have to say, I dont throw the word HATE around very often and in fact cant think of anyone or any one thing that I really and truly HATE. I dont like alot of things and some things are just a turn off but HATE? Not so much. So in my therapy session today I wanted to share what I really do HATE. Can you see this little booger below? If the picture is not clear enough let me fill in the gaps. Its a freakin' baby rattle snake. I HATE snakes, Not dislike, a little creepy, kind of wish they would all fall of the planet but actually HATE. Have nightmares about, freak out when we find one, scream at the kids to run for thier lives while throwing our neighbors dogs in the path to slow them down HATE! I knew when we moved up here we would be dealing with alot of things; mountain lions, bears, coyotes (which by the way just walk through my yard in the middle of the day while I am outside watching the girls play) bobcats that walk up to my sliding door and peek in at 7am and scare my 5 year old half to death, bats the size of.....well I wont go there. But I think for the most part I have done pretty good. I am by no means a city girl. I enjoy the city, no scratch that I love BIG cities. I am not a mountain girl (too cold that high) so I am somewhere in between leaning more toward ocean or lake girl. :) When we bought our house at 3,400 feet up against forestry and wild life refuge I knew I would have to watch the girls a little closer and look behind my back when we walked so as not to get eaten. But seriously I am over the snakes. Two years ago they were everywhere, last year not so bad this year is the earliest they have come out and this one almost got Corey our neighbor. He was doing something in our backyard and walked past the snake who knows how many times until he finally reached down to grab something and there it was. The kids come running and screaming at the excitement (barefoot and thrilled I might add) they all LOVE snakes. Last year Dan cut a head off one and my girls pet it. Yup' I know you dont have to say it. So being the brave mom that I am I threw Corey the camera and told him to take a picture so I could post it and look all cool.


DonnaG said...

Ok Christy, I am right there with you. I mean if I had to take your place the sentiment would be exactly the same. Really I can not whatsoever do snakes. Something about them being so cleverly hidden whereas a bear or coyote is less sneaky. Snakes are just plain wrong.

I can see why the serpent is the symbol of Satan.


Yvonne said...

Do you even like that they eat mice and such? Just kidding. You make me smile.

christy p said...

OHh I feel the same way, Christy. I would have flipped out....YUCK!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Rhonda said...

I'm right there with you. HATE THEM!!! And a baby rattler is the worst kind to come upon. I'm glad to hear that noone got bit.

DonnaG said...

Christy H, PLEASE post something new so that when I check your blog I don't see that nasty vile creature pop up.

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday friend!!!! I hope San Francisco was fabulous.
Love you!