Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cooking Class, Published and Pillow Fights!

Now that we are home schooling this year we have more time in the afternoons to do some of things we love to do. Morgan is always asking me if she can cook but with our crazy schedules last year it seemed like either Dan or myself was just throwing things together and we didn't have time to teach the girls how to make some of their favorite foods. I gave Morgan her kids cookbook and told her to mark all the things that looked good and each week she could pick one of the things to make for the family to try. Last week she decided to start with dessert (works for me!) ;) Here she is very serious working at the mixer. Here she is getting ready to put her layered bars in the oven. I totally forgot to take an "after picture" I think its because we ate them to fast! Great job Morgan. This coming Sunday she is making lasagna rolls. Yummy, can't wait!
About 6 months ago after reading a story on my blog that made her laugh out loud my Aunt suggested I have my blog turned into a book so that when our kids get older they have all my writings in book form. I don't know about you but my Blog has become sort of a journal for me. Never in a million years will I be able to remember the barbie, hair cutting incident or the way Morgan melted my heart over something she prayed. To many things happen in a day and we forget all those things that make our lives so fun and rich. I really wanted Morgan & Ryanne to have something they could hold in their hands and read. So I went onto and created my book.
As you can see I started out very simple to make sure I liked the end result. I am going to do it yearly so I keep up current with my blog & then put them up for the girls when they are older. They we're so excited to see it all in print. It's really fun to make and there are all different price ranges.
Now onto pillow fights. I know the picture below is blurred but I liked it anyway. it showed the intensity at which my husband is throwing these gigantic pillows at his two helpless daughters. Dan had just gotten home yesterday and the girls wanted to play a quick game before Morgan had to leave for swim practice. I was in the office doing something (assuming they were playing go-fish or something) when I hear what sounded like the house being torn apart and lots of screaming.
I go down the hall to find they are throwing these HUGE floor pillows at each other. Really, Dan was pretend bowling and knocking the girls over as they came running at him. They were knocking over all kinds of stuff and destroying the house. I finally put my foot down when a pillow thrown at Dan almost took our lamp down. I know, I know they don't call me the "fun sucker" for nothing. Seriously though Dan was home for one day and its totally wrestle mania, destroy the house, cut Ryanne's leg open, I could go on but I will spare you. :) He's on OT now so all is calm and quiet. Actually the girls are counting the minutes till' the next "attack!!" Gotta' love daddy's!


Eileen said...

What an awesome Daddy! The girls will have such great memories of pillow fights and all the other great things they do with both their incredible parents!!!

Jessica said...

you have no idea how excited I am about the blog book! I've wanted to do that and had no idea if anyone would make books out of your blog. I am so doing this! Thanks!

Good job with the baking Morgan!

christy p said...

Ohhhh I have been printing up my posts myself..I may have to do what you did instead.

That cake looks YUMMMY.

The Keilers said...

yummy, you make a me hungry.

I'm so doing the blog book too. What a great idea. And how precious this homeschooling is turning to be, I'm so glad for you guys :).

Diana said...

That is so cool about the book! Never knew you could do that... It's so great your girls have a daddy like that, even if it does mean the house gets torn apart peridically. :)