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Friday, September 5, 2008

A Day In The Life Of Ryanne

Well, my little fireball started 3-day pre-k this week. At first I was really nervous because we are friends with her teacher & I thought,"well, that was a nice friendship while it lasted." Don't get me wrong I LOVE my daughter but she is a handful. Dan kept telling me to save our money so we could buy her teacher Andrea a new car at the end of the year as her teacher's gift. he,heee! ;) Here she is below on the way to her first day looking oh so grown up. Over the weekend I started to get really sad thinking about leaving her somewhere for the first time but then that all changed in the blink of an eye. I thought she was in her room asleep for two hours the other afternoon when low and behold I go to check in and "wake her" and I find she has smuggled scissors & glue from her sisters room. Let me just give you a small glimpse into what I found and then you can just imagine the rest. Barbies + scissors + glue. Oh and did I mention her own hair? Ya' due to the fact that the very thought of the scene is still capable of boiling my blood I wont go on any further. Let's just say when Dan called home that night I started crying into the phone,"why didn't you let me send her to 5 day pre-k!!" I think that was followed by,"I hate you for leaving me on a regular basis!!" He,heee!
Here I am with the girls on our way out the door. I thought Morgan would be sad going to her old school (since we are home schooling) but she did great! She was happy to see her old friends and went to see her oh so sweet 1st grade teacher from last year but she was fine leaving too. She likes home schooling because we have more time. We are less stressed and in the car less. Plus we get to do more family things.
Ryanne was so happy to see her friends. She felt right at home. No tears or clingy behavior. Just smiles and lots of,"bye mom, I love you!"
Monkey Ryanne!
Sailor Ryanne wrapping up her week this morning. She loves her teacher Andrea and is VERY serious about me not forgetting to pack her snack. Wouldn't life be grand if the only thing we worried about during the day was our snack? Wait a minute, that is all I worry about! ;)


jo said...

Well done Christy! Isn't it amazing just a few years ago she was wanting out of your arms to crawl in the sand!

Jessica said...

How cute :) I can't believe she started pre-k!!

Andrea&James said...

Ok so this is her teacher! She really did do great this week, granted I know how to handle Ryanne, I have one of them at my house (sorry Emma). Christy I got some great pics of her today. Sorry she came home so dirty. I was being extra nice and let them play with water + sand = well you know!

christy p said...

SOOOO adorable. I have one of those lil angels at my house too. On the first day of kindergarten she punched a boy for calling her a baby. UGH. His Mom made sure to let me know too. lol. Keep the photos coming!

Crystal said...

Oh, I love these little posts. So so cute. You will treasure the barbie-scissor-paper moments one day...just not yet ;).

Love you friend.

Rhonda said...

I LOVE her dress!!!! Soooo cute. No pictures of the results of scissors and glue and Barbie?