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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sniffles, Birthdays & Flashbacks

*Sniff* AAHHHHH-CHOOOOO! *Sniff* Oh, be glad you are on that side of the monitor this morning. I have a miserable cold. I have been fighting the good fight since late Wed. evening but last night it won. And I mean won! I lost my voice. Have drank more hot tea with honey than a normal body my size should ever take in and gone through more tissue than a nose should ever see. Then this morning I coughed up something that I am pretty sure was alive at one time or another. YUCK! So as my family headed out the door to church I rolled up in my robe and came to update my blog and visit with you good people. :) aaaa-chooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Saturday was my Grandmas birthday so with her three daughters, two of her granddaughters, and one of her great granddaughter's in tow we headed out to lunch. Ya' you guessed it, the girl gene pool is very strong in our family. Which by the way makes for VERY loud and entertaining holidays when we are together. ;) Happy birthday Grandma. I love you!!
Saturday night was Morgan's swim awards banquet. They decided to make it an 80's theme party. So everyone (that was brave enough) dressed the part. It was so fun. Morgan & I totally got into it, blue eyeshadow and all. Dan wore his 80's high school t-shirt but that was it. :)
Here is Morgan with Austin (aka Slash) one of the coaches.
We went early to help set up and the kids were all getting there groove on to 80's music. It was really funny. They kept asking did you have this in the 80's or that and finally Dan said,"yes, and can you believe we even had the WHEEL!" It was so funny.
My mom was in town for my Grandmas birthday which was great cause I had NO IDEA how to apply eyeshadow. She did Morgan's make-up and painted her nails that bright blue! Thanks for your help mom! I am soooooo make-up and hair challenged! We all had lots of fun and the parents really put together a fun night for all the kids. Morgan got her first swim trophy which was SO exciting for her. :) ROCK ON MAN! LONG LIVE THE 80'S!!


Jessica said...

I too stayed home from church but I think it's because the fair food didn't sit so well in my stomach. I wonder why... isn't grease good for you? ha.

The 80's costumes are great, I love it :) Looks like you guys had too much fun.

Jessica said...

p.s. I hope that cold decides it's finished with you and leaves you alone!

Diana said...

I love the 80s! What a horrible, atrocious, wonderful decade. sigh... Big hair and power rock ballads. :) Congrats to Morgan on her trophy! I really hope you feel better, and hopefully colds can't be passed online ;)

Eileen said...

GREAT pics! You and Morgan are rockin'!!! I hope you get over your cold quick and the rest of the family doesn't get it!!!

The Keilers said...

Uhh, where's the krimped hair?!...

the brock clan said...

Love the 80's gear!

Erica said...

I was wondering the same thing about the crimped hair or the big bangs. I love the 80's theme, how great. I hate having a cold especially in the summer. I hope you feel better.

Mama's Losin' It said...

You all look adorable!!

And my brother hates coming to our family gatherings because he says with so many women in the room he feels like he's on The View. :)

Bless you with all of those sneezes!!

Take care. :)

Erica said...

Thanks for the comment. I wanted to get rid of my B.I. before it did turn into a kidney infection. I called the dr's on Sat. morning and the nurse said she would call me back and she never did. I was without medication all weekend so Monday morning I called and made sure they called in another prescription for me. I hate bladder infections.