Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, December 1, 2008

Homemade Treats & Blessings.............

This yummy plate of homemade goodies + these cute hand painted boxes=

really cute, really simple gifts for friends and neighbors, or teachers or the mailman, or your hairdresser, or.................OK, you get the idea! ;) I just went to the local cake decorating store and bought some candy boxes. Put some cute red and green polka dots on the boxes and tied them up with some raffia and little ornaments. On the inside I dipped Treader Joe's peppermint Joe-Joe's in white chocolate and dusted them with red bakers fairy dust stuff and then I also made peppermint bark. So easy and something the kids can help with too.
I had my appointment today for my infusion and I have not been feeling well with a cold (thanks Dan for passing that on by the way) so I was kind of blah, not to mention Dan is on a 72 and that makes for allot of work for me when I get home feeling poopy from the hospital. This is going to sound horrible *gulp* but I had these little gifts all done up for my oncologist and the nurses that take care of me every month and frankly I didn't feel like being jolly and delivering treats. Since I wont be back till' after Christmas I delivered them and smiled and thanked them. They were SO happy and touched and then the nurse hit something bad in my vein (twice) and I started sweating through my clothes as she tried to "fix" the problem. At the point where I was thinking I was either going to pass out or throw up I thought about taking my cookies back or wishing I had put ex-lax in that batch. Hey, I'm just being REAL honest here people. Any-whooooo, I survived and after some apple juice was back to having some color. I left feeling a little beat up and so when I got home and the girls said that these had been dropped off.......................

I guess you could say I was a little surprised and humbled that someone was thinking about me all the while I was sitting at the Dr.'s only thinking about myself. I have had the privilege of being reunited with my softball coach from high school and let me just say I knew he and his family were great people back then but unfortunately when you are a teenager you are, well you just ARE! So God is faithful and has allowed that friendship to continue with my brother in Christ. When I was trying to earn money for Angels family he didn't miss a beat to help out. When he needs prayer he lets me know and the same goes for me. Isn't that fun? Something I most certainly took for granted has been brought back around full circle. He knew I was going in today for my treatment and he just wanted to send encouragement. Made me wonder about my own attitude just an hour or so before. OOPPSSSSS! God knew what I needed. Well, besides a swift kick in my grumpy cookie delivering butt! ;)


Yvonne said...

Oh, how I love you Christy Harker! What a gift of love you continue to give people! Just yesterday I put my quilt by the fireplace...the one that you labored in love to make me and I felt blessed all over again. How are you feeling today? I so wish I could be there with you and go through day to day life with you. May you know the Lord's lavish love for you today.

Eileen said...

I ditto the sentiment from above... I SO LOVE YOU, your humility and honesty and the incredible woman of God that you are. You are a blessing to so many, and you are obviously such an incredibly gifted mother! I'm so sorry to hear about your trials! You are loved and prayed for!

Crystal said...

Okay all you wanted to do was take the cookies back or lace them with ex-lax?! You're a better woman than me. I can think of much worse things ;)~

I'm glad you're doing better. I'll be praying for you today. And btw, I LOVE the candy boxes you! xoxo

Jessica said...

What a sweet blessing :) How great that the Lord knows just what we need.

Also, you crack me up... lacing the cookies with ex lax... hehe.

Thanks for being honest, I always appreciate that... it makes me feel like I'm not so abnormal ;)

Praying for you!

Jolene Grace said...

I'm so glad you are doing better, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your creative ideas!

Your honesty is refreshing, and relatable. :-) LOVE YOU!