Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Pictures

Here are some more random pictures we took as we were getting ready to leave for Ryanne's school. Morgan took this one of me and Ryanne. Good job Morgan! :) I think this is the only picture where you can really see Ryanne's Croc's that match her outfit. Those are the only shoes she will wear so when I was buying her Christmas outfit I was determined to find ones that matched. I found those cute brown ones and they were perfect! I think she has a pair in every color now!!!! Ryanne and Daddy!

I LOVE the look on Dan's face here. We were trying to get the girls to look at me and instead they are climbing all over Dan and he just had this hilarious look like,"why did I come home again?" He,heeee!!

This is more like it.

Here is Ryanne with her teacher Mrs. Kidd. The program was super cute and the kids and teachers worked really hard to make it special. At one point I found myself getting choked up. I realized this is my last one going through Pre-K. It's my last Pre-K Christmas program. Or maybe I was crying tears of joy because God answered my prayers and Ryanne didn't do anything to embarrass me. Either way it was moment. ;)
The look on Ryanne's face here says,"that's right Mrs. Kidd, smile pretty cause tomorrow we are going toe to toe you and me!"


5KidMom said...

I LOVE the picture of Morgan on Dan's shoulders. It is frame worthy! Great job!!!

jo said...

Yeah she was so well behaved unlike the other kid to her right. Wish he wasn't so silly. I found out later that John told him to shake his booty and he did. I guess he does listen after all!!

Crystal said...

Love the black and whites! You should do the kiss picture above in black and white, I bet it would look awesome.

And thanks for what you said on my blog, you made me get teary eyed. I love you Christy. It's crazy how long we've know each other.

Jolene Grace said...

Ok, Dan's face is hilarious! The girls are way too cute!