Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Logan's Candy Cane's

Last night was Morgan's home school field trip to Logan's candy shop out in Ontario. I know I have posted allot this week but stay with me it's just that time of year. We are having fun but trying to keep up with us all having that nasty cold is crazy. We weren't about to miss the handmade candy cane and chocolate lesson though. ;)The tour started outside in front of the old candy shop that has been making all of their candy by hand for 75 years. I know this picture is blurred but I still thought it was cool of the kids trying to all get in front of the picture window to see the candy man.
Then we moved inside where they showed us from start to finish how they make their candy canes. Afterwards we all got to sample a piece of warm candy cane. Have you ever done that? They melt in your mouth!! So good!!!!
Ryanne getting a little lift from daddy so she could see over all those big kids.
Did you know the peppermint oil they mix into the white part of the candy cane costs $600-$700 a gallon? OH MY GOSH! Now your probably wondering why the candy doesn't cost more then right? Well, for every like 45+ pounds of candy canes they use less than an ounce of the peppermint flavoring. Whew!!! Little trivia for your morning. :)
Morgan and her friend in front of the store.
After they were done I snuck in and bought Dan and I a piece of chocolate, YUMMMMY! After the candy demonstration that lasted about an hour the kids all got a little sample bag of the candy from the store and of course a candy cane. If you have never been and you get a chance stop on over at Logan's in Ontario. It's tons of fun, the people are super nice and they even shared a little about Jesus on our visit which totally topped it off.


{Erica Young} said...

What great memories. I've been reading up on all your posts the past couple of days and whew you are a very busy lady. I love your bear with the flowers. I hope you're feeling ok.

Jessica said...

That sounds fun! That's crazy about how much that peppermint oil costs... I had no idea!

Jolene Grace said...

Not that I need a reason to go to a candy shop, but you totally sold me with the "warm candy cane" bit. YUMMMM

littlecbsmom said...

I remember taking that trip too, it was one of my favorites! I love reading all of your busy holiday activity, I'm glad you are having so much fun! Hope you are feeling good too! Love ya!