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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Trip To The Aquarium........

We got an email a few weeks ago asking if we wanted to participate in an mural project the Aquarium of the pacific was doing and of course we jumped at the chance to spend another day doing what we love best, looking and touching ocean life. Since it appears that science is one of Morgans favorite subjects I jump at the chance to spend a whole day doing anything that falls into that category. :) The girls and myself (with my grandma as co-pilot) headed out about 7am on Tuesday morning for Long Beach. We met this little fellow there, CREEPY!!!This tank is in the tropical area. So pretty and bright that they don't even seem real.

The girls got to add their creative flare to the murals that were being worked on all over the aquarium. They loved it.

Morgan found a tree to play in. It was like 75 degrees and crystal clear on the water. When we were done petting the sharks and painting the murals we walked across the street and had lunch outside. It really was the perfect day. Minus the fact that Dan had to work. ;) We took lots of pictures and Morgan has lots to write about for her science work for the rest of the school year.

I love this one of the girls and the seal. I think the seals are just as curious about them as the girls are about the seals. This little guy played at the window for a long time and the girls fell in love. If you ever get a chance when you are in Long Beach stop in at the aquarium. The people could not be nicer, the place is spotless and even with all the school trips there it is laid out so you don't feel crowded. Lots of grass to sit and eat picnic lunches on and you can walk for miles along the waterfront when you are done. Its a great place to take really little ones to cause they can wander around with you and many things are at their eye level. We plan on going back this summer and taking a lunch to spend the entire day.


littlecbsmom said...

Hey, I have never been of those things I always meant to do and never planned to leave! Anyway, maybe when I'm there visiting this summer....I will add it to my list!

christy p said...

I love the Aquarium. You took incredible photos, and it looks like the girls had a blast!

Jessica said...

How fun :) I LOVE the aquarium. I could just stare at the creatures all day, they are so fun to watch.

Crystal said...

How fun!!! What a perk of homeschooling eh?

Your girls are adorable. I love Ryanne's little hand on her hip as she looks at the seal. So cute!