Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Morgan (yesterday)

Yesterday Morgan turned 8! I was emotional the whole week leading up to the "big day." I get like that every year before the girls turn another year older. I start to think about the day I first laid eyes on them and how small they were. I think about the miracles God had to perform so it would be just the right baby at just the right time in our lives.
I think about their birth parents and the sacrifice they made for us so that the dream of parenting could become a reality. How really our kids are on loan to us and just for the shortest time God entrusts us to raise them up to honor him and then they are grown.

I think about how through my kids God has taught me that he is enough. They are not here to fill a void or gap in my heart but to teach me to love God fearlessly and with complete joy. To sing louder, dance longer, roll down the grassy hill one more time. Lick the bowl, make up secret hand shakes (shhh..........don't tell Morgan) play in the rain and stay up late telling secrets.

Things I love about you Morgan;
1. It still takes you 20 minutes to tuck all your "babies" in at night.
2. You could care less about your hair or to much else but your earrings ALWAYS match your outfit.
3. You LOVE praying for people and want to know who loves the Lord and who still needs to accept him as their savior.
4. You run everywhere and sing all the time.
5. Your super tough when it comes to getting hurt and rarely cry but if you get in trouble and I look at you wrong you cry for half an hour cause, "you hurt my heart mommy."
6. You have this deep belly laugh that when something tickles you it just rolls out and everyone around you has to laugh to.
7. You have your wedding planned, who you are going to marry, where you want to live, how many kids you want and your career picked but insist learning to wash out your own curls is just to hard.
8. I LOVE that I prayed for you for two years and the thing I prayed for most was a child that was full of Gods joy and his love for others and in you he gave me my hearts desire.
9. That you always tell me how cool it will be when Jesus returns.
You Morgan are by far one of my favorite people and you are a light in this dark world. I adore you sweet girl and know you were put here to not only change our world but to be a world changer for Christ. Happy 8th Birthday!


Eileen said...

OHMYGOSH... that was so precious, well written, heartfelt. I have tears streaming down my face. She's a lucky (no... blessed) girl, as are you... her Mommy.

Jessica said...

Awe, how sweet :) It really doesn't seem like that long ago that she was born... has it really been 8 years? wow. What a blessing that Morgan has such a great Mama :) Happy birthday Morgan!

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Morgan!!!
I too remember the day you came home, waiting for a phone call so we could meet this sweet, beautiful and tiny little baby. You're not so tiny any more, but the sweet and beautiful live strong!

littlecbsmom said...

I know...I seem to be getting more emotional as the birthdays hit too! Thanks for sharing your heart wih all of us readers and so many wonderful things about Morgan...God makes great stuff! She looks so beautiful and happy!

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Morgan! She seems like such a wonderful little girl. I can only hope that someday I may know the joy of loving and learning from a child that in love with Christ. And as far as # 7 goes, being a curly-head myself, I can understand Morgan's side of things. It's tough dealing with crazy curls!

I also wanted to thank you so much for your encouragement, Christy. Your comment on my blog was so uplifting and encouraging, and reading the things you write about your daughters also brings me hope. Just knowing that there are other people who have made it through this, and now know the joy of motherhood- it's so encouraging. Your family is a testament to God's blessings and His grace. Knowing what you had to go through, and that it was all so the perfect, joy filled daughters would enter your lives and bring glory to God. That's what I'm holding on to, and I'm so excited to see how God turns this around in our lives and how He will use us to show His glory.

Crystal said...

Goosebumps, everywhere. It amazes me how Morgan is so devoted to Jesus at such a young age, that's incredible.

Okay and I laughed about the wedding the part :)!!! She knows who she wants to marry, oh really? Does he know? So stinkin cute!

Happy Birthday Morgan. Crystal sends you a BIG Texan hug!

Christy said...

Yes Crystal he DOES know but the part they are both forgetting is that her daddy is bound & determined to keep her home FOREVER!!!! He finds something wrong with every little boy she makes friends with. :) He, heeee!

Yvonne said...

Wow! You are precious, Morgan is precious...the whole Harker family is cherished in my heart. I am so glad the Lord has brought our lives together. Thank you for loving your kids with Jesus' love.

Jolene Grace said...

What an absolutely beautiful post, Christy. I'm crying like a baby. What a blessed girl, to have a mommy like you.