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Monday, February 23, 2009

Daddy day and boo-boo's

Today was the day. Ryanne was scheduled for her check up and shots for school next year. Although we are home schooling her next year she still had to have everything done so I could get her into the charter program we use. She was so cute and brave. The nurses were cracking up at her during the eye and ear test and then came the big guns. I have decided it's best to be honest with your kids so when Ryanne asked me if it was going to hurt I said,"yes." I told her to be brave cause it would only hurt a couple times real quick and then she would be all done. She did amazing through the shots and the nurses gave her the "bravest patient" of the day award.....a sucker. Then we headed down to the lab where again I warned her that having her blood drawn might hurt for a minute but then we could go out to lunch and put it all behind us. I of course did what any mother of the year would do and made Dan sit in the chair with her and hold her. Let me just say its a REALLY good thing I did because the first time they poked her they couldn't get the vein and you know how they move it around and poke you trying to find it? Weeelllllll............she started to panic just a little and sweat started rolling down her face. I of course found the nearest chair to sit in before I passed out or hit one of the nurses. It really was a mixed emotion sort of thing. So when they told her they had to switch arms she started sobbing this deep, sad, pitiful sort of sob that pretty much broke my heart and sent me into tears. Ugh! After she was all done she looked at all the bandages and said,"wow! Luke is going to be like what the heck happened to you!" Everyone started to crack up. She sobbed a little more when I grabbed her from Dan's lap but then once the Tylenol kicked in she ate lunch and relaxed. So glad that is over.
In case you were wondering yeesssss she IS on the VERY small end of the chart for her age in the height and weight range. We were laughing with the Dr. cause she is only like 5'3 so she told Ryanne that petite is great! :) Ya' they do get ALL the cute size 6 shoes first don't they!!! ;)

On a MUCH more fun note Dan got to visit Ryanne's class today before her Dr.'s appointment and the kids LOVED it. Her teacher was nice enough to let us reschedule since Dan got called in last Friday.(the original day he was supposed to show up) Ryanne was so cute when he came in. She was SO quiet and whenever he said anything to her she would turn red. Cute!

It was a little bitter sweet for me because Dan has been doing this for the girls for like 4 years now and due to the fact that we are home schooling next year and wont be returning it was his last time. I don't think he was as sad about it but for some reason it got to me a little. Just another small closed chapter I guess. I hate to see what June will be like when I say good bye to everyone. At least her teacher and her family are our friends outside of school and we go to the same church so that will help. As long as she is still talking to me by the end of the year. :) Although I wonder if there isn't a little of Ryanne in her since it was her idea for Dan to start a REAL fire at the school so we could get a live demonstration. Oopppssss........was that a secret Andrea? ;)

Dan looks HUGE next to all those little people. It was fun because none of the kids this year had Dad's that were firemen so they were super excited and such good listeners.


Jessica said...

Good job Ryanne! I hate taking Ethan to get shots, it seems to get harder and harder.

jo said...

That little boy in the pick is soooo cute. what a doll!!

The Keilers said...

No Dan looks GIGANTIC next to those kiddos. Whoa.

Poor Ryanne baby. I'm glad it's over. I would kiss the boo boo if I were there (well, and if she'd let me;).

Rhonda said...

I am soooo the same way about shots with my kids. I can be brave for them as long as they are brave. But when I know they are truly hurting, it's all over for me.

littlecbsmom said...

She is one tough little girl! I agree with you, tell them the truth about it hurting!

How fun to have dad at school! I'm glad all the kids enjoyed it! He could always go to park day, you know?

Eileen said...

What great stories! Yeah to both you and Dan for being such great, involved parents! Your kids are blessed!