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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Starting when Morgan turned 4 we would take a couple days and go down to Disneyland every year for her birthday. This year was Ryanne's first trip ( I know mean parents, we make our kids wait till' they were 4 to experience the happiest place on earth) :) We headed down the first night (leaving behind a snow storm) and checked into our hotel and then hung around down town Disney playing, walking, eating & just being together. So nice.We made Morgan pose with the piano so she could give a copy to her music teacher. He,hee I know, such dorks.
Dan said it was wrong that I yelled,"smile Ryanne and get used to that view!' Whaaaattt?????

"Bring on the mouse, the cotton candy, the tea cups and the fun I AM READY mommy!!!!!"

Kind of a bummer that Morgan was trying to dodge my picture taking efforts cause its a really cute one of Ryanne. Oh by the way you know how you NEVER really know how kids will react to rides and etc. Well, in case you hadn't figured it out before Ryanne is kind of a control freak (don't know where she gets it; DAN!) Anyway, she was begging to go on the big rides like Matterhorn and she barely made the height cut off (good thing I put those big tennis shoes on her and extra thick socks and told her to stand WAAAAY TALLLL) then I just told Dan,"hold on REALLY, REALLY tight to her OK, cause those belts are a joke when are 32" and weigh 34 lbs."
She never made a sound and when we were done and she came back to our planet and the shock wore off she said,"lets do that again OK mom!" She loved everything and was such a good girl. We opened the place and closed the place and she stayed awake and never missed a beat.

This is one of my favorite of the girls on the tea cups. SOOOOO Morgan. Dan had us going so fast that Ryanne was trying to keep her head up (see control) and Morgan was just flinging herself into it. I on the other hand discovered that looking through a camera & letting a very strong man spin you in circles is not such a good idea. Blaaahhhhh! We were really blessed by a couple days away as a family and cherish days like that whether big or small in size. Our girls make us laugh and I swear I never get tired of doing things like riding rides, dancing around the house or coloring with them cause they are so excited about everything. Love it!


littlecbsmom said...

It was funny to look over and see on my page...Disneyland and right underneath Life is Good. I have never been a huge fan, but you make it look so fun! I'm glad you had such a special day there and what fun memories you are making! The girls look wonderful and so happy!

Jessica said...

Awe, how fun! You guys are such great parents :)

Rhonda said...

I'm glad you had a good time. Derek and Stephanie went last Friday in celebration of their anniversary and it rained on them the whole day.

Jolene Grace said...

I LOVED this post! What a blessing to spend some quality,uninterupted family time together at the happiest place on earth! :-)

The Keilers said...

SO fun!!! And yes, I'm sure the control freak is all Dan. Completely.

christy p said...

GREAT photos! Omygosh...Ryanne and Emily are soooooooo twins. :) Can you imagine them together?

Glad you had a great time.


Eileen said...

WHAT FUN!!! I LOVE Disneyland and miss it! You are giving your children AWESOME memories and Kodak moments!